Silvio Sagramola

2015.09.05 Updated


Director of Info-Handicap: Luxembourg

Silvio Sagramola is the Director of Info-Handicap, the National Disability Information and Meeting Centre in Luxembourg and the coordinator of EuCAN, the European Concept for Accessibility Network.

Working since more than 35 years in the social field in general and the field of disability in particular, he has got a deep insight into exclusion mechanisms towards persons whose needs, expectations or habits are not met by their environment.

Since its creation in 1993, the mission description of Info-Handicap allowed for extensive cooperation and concert action at European level and Silvio Sagramola has been engaged, be it as partner or as coordinator, in a huge variety of initiatives at European level focused on accessibility and on Design for All.

Being a convinced practitioner, his main ambition is the transposition of theoretical concepts into concrete strategies allowing for good decision making towards the full participation of everybody in daily life.



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