The 4th IAUD Medium-Term Activity Plan

1. Basic Matters

(1) IAUD Principles

Through the realization of further dissemination of universal design (UD), we will contribute to the sound development of society and aim for a society where all people can live in peace by communicating widely to the world information about UD in Japan.

(2) IAUD Vision

We aim to create a society where as many people as possible can live in comfort with ease and free of any sense of inconvenience due to differences in ethnicity, culture, customs, nationality, gender, age or ability. To achieve this, IAUD will promote activities from the following three perspectives:

  1. Establishment of a UD foundation for society as a whole
  2. Provision of UD products and services by companies and organizations
  3. Fostering the development of a UD climate for all people

2. The 4th IAUD Medium-Term Activity Plan

This 4th IAUD Medium-Term Activity Plan (April 2015 - March 2019) is an activity agenda for the next four years that aims for further growth and development in light of achievement of the 3rd IAUD Medium-Term Activity Plan drafted in FY 2010. To make the next four years a period for establishing a UD environment in the lead up to the landmark Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we view this period in particular as an ideal opportunity to demonstrate the importance of IAUD’s existence as an organization that aims “to create safe and secure social environment in which the characteristics of each person are respected” as we endeavor to make UD more widely known and achieve the goals of UD. Therefore, we believe greater efforts and attainments are expected of us during this period.

(1) Review of the 3rd IAUD Medium-Term Activity Plan

To draft the IAUD 4th Medium-Term Activity Plan, we assessed the achievement of the 3rd IAUD Medium-term Activity Plan (April 2011 – March 2015). Results of this assessment are as follows:

  1. Establishment of a UD foundation in society as a whole: Through international UD conferences, we have been able to deepen our relationship with central government and local governments, and are gradually establishing a framework that contributes to the establishment of a UD foundation. Moreover, as the benefits of UD become more widely recognized by people of all walks of life from industry, government, academia and the private sectors in Japan and other countries that participate in the international conferences, we feel that these benefits are also being reflected in various projects undertaken by the national government and local governments as a matter of course, and are being reinforced every time we hold an international conference.
  2. Provision of UD products and services by companies and organizations: Tangible results in development are being achieved through the provision of UD products and services by various companies and organizations. In electrical devices, cars, and equipment for home use in particular, UD has already achieved recognition as a basic function in product development and in a period of some 10 odd years has rapidly penetrated industry and individual companies. Through their participation in various theme-based activities sponsored by the respective PJ/WG group and the 48-hour Design Marathon, we recognize that member companies have taken back with them their companies’ specific results, which are contributing to the improvement of product development and the fostering of corporate culture at their companies. Furthermore, we believe that IAUD Award are also becoming more recognized within industry with each award presentation, and the bestowal of awards such as Grand Award and Gold Award significantly contributes to the corporate image of the recipient companies.
  3. Fostering a UD climate for people in general: It can be said that the implementation of UD Certification for beginners and intermediate learners have established a system whereby people in general acquire a direct understanding of the concept and importance of UD. However, people interested in UD have been the main target of the UD Certification and, needless to say, the extent of their impact at present is limited. As the Certification become more recognized, interest in it is expected to gradually broaden. We also believe that participants in the regular seminars and the International Conferences which we hold periodically feel that definite progress is being made in the living environment surrounding UD users, compared with what it was in the past, through lecture content and product exhibitions.

(2) Activity Principle - Plan for New Growth in IAUD

Following on with our efforts in the 4th IAUD Medium-Term Activity Plan, we have formulated the following activity agenda as a plan for new growth for realizing the IAUD principles and vision, bearing in mind the achievement of the 3rd IAUD Medium-Term Activity Plan.

  1. We will actively promote initiatives that will take UD from the “research” and “dissemination” stage to the “realization” stage. We will do this not only through initiatives in UD products and services but also through research themes and dissemination activities for establishing social systems and a UD foundation that transcends industrial sectors and, based on these initiatives, we will make specific proposals to and cooperate with the central government and local governments.
  2. Bearing in mind our experience and achievements in holding the 5th International Conference, we will position the International Conferences as our main projects and hold a conference every two years as an activity for dissemination and communicating the achievements of UD activities in Japan and other countries. At the same time we will continue to foster voluntary activities in areas such as certifications, awards and workshops. As we engage in these activities, we will operate and develop as a general foundation for the time being to establish a solid financial base.

(3) Action Plan

  1. Basic Activities
    • Research and development: Promote UD project research through cooperation with external organizations and specialists
    • Dissemination of activity results: Improve official website, expand public relations by utilizing all kinds of media
    • Development of volunteer activities: Develop projects and increase recognition of IAUD through the 48-hour Design Marathon, the IAUD Award, UD facility certification, UD Certification (for beginners and intermediate learners)
  2. Priority Activities
    • International UD Conferences: Hold the 6th International Conference in 2016 and the 7th International Conference in 2018
    • Cooperation in the Olympic and Paralympic Games: Cooperate with government agencies, local governments and relevant organizations in particular in the lead up to the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games to be held in 2020
  3. Reinforcement Activities
    • International cooperation: Strengthen cooperation with overseas UD research organizations/associations
    • Domestic cooperation: Increase cooperation with government agencies, local governments, educational institutions, academic societies and NPO, etc.
    • Operating System: Establish a solid organizational framework as a general foundation

* Universal design (UD) is designing a life environment, architecture, equipment, systems and services with the intention from the outset of making them accessible to as many people as possible. At IAUD, we take this one step further. We believe that the essence of universal design is "to create safe and secure social environment in which the characteristics of each person are respected."

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