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The International Association for Universal Design will be supported and its organization and activities will be maintained by the corporate, organizational, or individual members that have assented to its purpose. We will provide opportunities to participate in various activities, including providing useful information and the chances to promote UD; however, we would like to ask for your help in the development of the Association through your participation in such activities where you will be requested to present proposals and provide information.

Annual fee

  • Full member (Company) :100,000 yen a year per membership
  • Associate member (Organization) : 50,000 yen a year per membership
  • Supporting member (Individual) : 10,000 yen a year per membership

Becoming a member

You can apply for a membership anytime. After approval is given by the board, a invoice will be sent to you. In principle, the membership fee must be paid in full in advance. Our accounting period starts from April 1 and ends in March 31 of the following year. The membership fee will not change even if you become a member in the middle of the fiscal year. After you become a member, the membership will be automatically renewed every year except in cases where you clearly indicate your intent to withdraw from IAUD.

Application for membership

Please request the application form to the Secretariat indicating your name, affiliation, address, telephone number, and e-mail address, and the Secretariat will get back to you.

Privileges of Membership

  • Participation to various working groups and Committees
  • Transmission of information via web sites and providing the environment for cotinuous exchange of information (at all times)
  • Participation in events (as appropriate)
  • Collaborative research and development (as appropriate)
  • Consulting (available on a chargeable basis)

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Contact Address for Membership Application Procedures and Sending Application From Inquiries

IAUD Secretariat


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