Through further popularization and realization of universal design, we hope to revitalize Japan's sluggish economy and thereby contribute to the healthy development of society, and to make universal design, a concept originated in Japan, known to the world so that it will contribute to the improvement of the welfare of all mankind.
Here we introduce activities promoted in cooperation with companies, organizations and individuals representing all types of businesses.

Research activities

We conduct Joint research projects from a broad perspective across different businesses and industries, based on dialogue with consumers, with the objective of achieving a society in which as many people as possible can live their lives in full comfort. Here we introduce activities by project.
*PJ : Project, WG: Working Group、

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We will promote “UD+ to feel the delight” to realize a society where more and more people can have fulfilling lives independently. We will study a new way of UD by investigating advanced cases and holding competitions for students.

Commercials with Subtitles PJ

We have been working to create a society where all people including the deaf and the elderly can get the same level of information. Right now, we are working to spread subtitles for commercials that have not been given subtitles.

UD PJ for clothing

We have been engaged in research and development on the theme of UD for clothing which is comfortable and fashionable, adopting new technology and considering size, body form, motion function and physiological functions of the body for everyone regardless of age or disability.

Standardization Study WG

In order to promote universal design, we are working to promote UD standardization that can be used by IAUD members and to standardize UD that can be widely used in society.

Sign Language Terminology WG

The purpose of this sub-working group is to consider and propose “visually easy-to-understand emergency communication and guidance methods”. We plan to resume our activities as the number of members increases.


Cómo prevenir los rebrotes de Covid-19 image

Cómo prevenir los rebrotes de Covid-19

COVID-19 sigue siendo una amenaza en todo el mundo.
En Japón, tenemos una acción para evitar situaciones de alto riesgo que la llamamos "Evitar los tres Cs":
Espacios Cerrados, Lugares Concurrido y Contactos Cercanos. IAUD quisiera presentarles esta acción para prevenir los rebrotes de COVID-19.

2020.08.05 Updated

How to Prevent a Widespread Outbreak image

How to Prevent a Widespread Outbreak

The new coronavirus has still been a threat all over the world.
In Japan, we have an action for avoiding high-risk situations. We call it Avoid the “three Cs”: Closed spaces, Crowded places and Close-contact settings.
IAUD would like to introduce this action for preventing COVID-19 outbreaks.

2020.08.04 Updated

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