Through further popularization and realization of universal design, we hope to revitalize Japan's sluggish economy and thereby contribute to the healthy development of society, and to make universal design, a concept originated in Japan, known to the world so that it will contribute to the improvement of the welfare of all mankind.
Here we introduce activities promoted in cooperation with companies, organizations and individuals representing all types of businesses.

Research activities

We conduct Joint research projects from a broad perspective across different businesses and industries, based on dialogue with consumers, with the objective of achieving a society in which as many people as possible can live their lives in full comfort. Here we introduce activities by project. Click on a project name to find more information about it.
*PJ : Project、WG: Working Group、SWG: Sub-working Group

Research activities image Work Style PJ Mobile Space PJ UD PJ for Clothing UD PJ for Media UD PJ for Leisure Sign Language Terminology SWG Standardization Study WG Living Space PJ

Living Space Project

We are aiming to achieve "pleasing UD" as seen from all types of viewpoints by promoting research themes taking living style scenarios as our approach and having the goal of creating a living space where anyone can live a full and abundant life.

Mobile Space Project

Seamless mobility: means aiming to achieve safe and comfortable commuting and movement that lets anyone go wherever they want.

Work Style Project

We are aiming to achieve a workstyle for the future where all people unique in their own special way, can work freely and happily.

UD Project for Leisure

We are aiming for a world where anyone can obtain the same level and quality of information.

UD Project for Clothing

We continually work towards merging the seemingly incompatible themes of a so-called Universal Design aimed at being acceptable to anyone and anybody, and the concept of Fashion that emphasizes both individuality and fashion.

UD Project for Media

We convey issues in UD via the media to related organizations and carry out activities that urge society to guarantee equal unbiased information access for all those who need it including the disadvantaged.

Sign Language Terminology Sub-working Group

Our activities include assessing, evaluating, and proposing methods and techniques for communication and guidance that are visually easy-to-understand during emergencies.

Standardization Study Working Group

Our activities are aimed at promoting UD standardization that all IAUD members can put to work for their own needs and proposing planning for UD standardization that can be widely applied throughout our society with the ultimate aim of spreading universal design concepts.


IAUD Patron Her Imperial Highness Princess Yohko made the impressive address: “Who am I? Or you? What is a person? What does our existence mean? What do we mean by connections between people?”

IAUD and Patron Her Imperial Highness Princess Yohko joined the AHFE 2016 conference (sponsored by AHFE) which was held at Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort (Lake Buena Vista City, Florida, USA) on Wednesday 27 to Sunday 31 July. Her Imperial Highness Princess Yohko gave an address titled "Who am I? Or you? What is a person? What does our existence mean? What do we mean by connections between people?" at Session 145 "Design for Inclusion: The Japanese Perspective" in 1st International Conference on Design for Inclusion which is newly programmed as one of the Affiliated Conferences of AHFE2016. The address was so impressive as to evoke applause from the audience filling the hall. We publish full text of her address.

2016.09.30 Updated

New Year Greetings from Chairman of the Board of Directors Shimizu image

New Year Greetings from Chairman of the Board of Directors Shimizu

Happy New Year to everyone. I am Takaaki Shimizu. Last June I assumed office as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors, succeeding the former Chairman Kazuo Okamoto. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude for your support in the past year.

2016.01.28 Updated

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