Summary of Activities

For further popularization and realization of UD

We promote Universal Design ("UD") by sharing information and encouraging theme studies beyond the framework of industry and business, and by execution through project development, assessment and dissemination of information. In addition, we place importance on dialogue with consumers in all of our activities. Through such consumer-focused activities, we seek to improve quality and increase sophistication aimed at the further popularization and realization of UD.

Dialogue with consumers

The 4th IAUD Medium-Term Activity Plan

Pursuit of broad research themes to develop products and services from a UD perspective

We conduct Joint research projects from a broad perspective across different businesses and industries, based on dialogue with consumers, with the objective of achieving a society in which as many people as possible can live their lives in full comfort.
We undertake activities to create standards and guidelines to be used for promoting UD, and share information concerning UD among association members and consumers.

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Project development

We take advantage of the results from research activities on broad themes concerning UD in various living scenes to encourage the spread of UD and promote joint business or research on model cases that go beyond the boundaries of particular industries and businesses.
Along with establishing a Research Division to focus on research and development activities, we have also created a Certification Committee, Workshop Committee, and Joint Projects Committee.


We launched a UD certification program to impart correct understanding about UD and user diversity to manufacturers, service providers and urban designers, as well as more broadly to users of products and services, with the objective of developing human resources for building a kind of society IAUD envisages. With the cooperation of our broad network of experts, we publish textbooks and organize workshops and certification exams.

Project development1

Project development2

Project development3

IAUD International Design Award

As part of an effort based on IAUD’s Prospectus, we present the IAUD International Design Award to recognize groups and individuals who have conducted or proposed particularly noteworthy activities aimed at realizing a UD society in which everyone — regardless of age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, culture, nationality, customs, or other factors — can live comfortably, without feeling any undue inconvenience.

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The 48 Hour Marathon for Universal Design

The "48 Hour Marathon for Universal Design" workshop for thinking about UD together with ordinary citizens and proposing specific design developments has as its goal the training of developers who will take up the quest for and spread of UD and be responsible for the future creation of UD centered on the promotion of "research that respects the humanity of every individual, and manufacturing and the creation of social environments that emphasize user-centered thinking" as stated in the International UD Declaration in 2002.

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Communication with the world

Using every possible media, we will aggressively disseminate information around the world and share best practices in order to engage consumers. To further develop the UD initiative, we will organize international UD conferences, workshops and creative events and maintain a UD website. We will also invest efforts in publishing the successful results of IAUD activities.

Various communication media

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Publication activities

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International conferences for UD

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International conferences for UD

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UD symposiums

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