Antika Sawadsri

2022.06.07 Updated


Photo: Antika Sawadsri
  • Chairperson, Council of Deans for Architecture School of Thailand –CDAST and Dean for School of Architecture, Art, and Design, KMITL
  • Member of IAUD International Design Award Selection Committee: Thailand

Assistant Professor Dr Antika Sawadsri has experience in academic research and design practice on Universal Design concept. Her PhD research at the Newcastle University, UK focused on interplay between disabled people and their accessibility in public space as a socio-political platform to understand social inclusion of Thailand society. Her academic research and service involve with 'user-centric design approach'.

Recently Antika and her team co-create mobile COVID19 swab testing units and distribute to many COVID19 infected cluster throughout Thailand. Those mobile units have been co-designed with other disciplines such as engineering, medical and healthcare staff at the frontline."



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