The International Conferences for UD

Universal Design (UD) is the creation of designs for equipment, buildings, and the immediate living environment that can be used by as many people as possible irrespective of age, gender, race, culture, customs, nationality, or ability. 
The first international conference for Universal Design held in Yokohama in November 2002 was a great success and the participants at that conference issued the International Universal Design Declaration in Japan 2002. This declaration proposed that the creation of social environments which respect and support the dignity of humans be called Universal Design and stated that to realize this, there is an urgent need to establish user-centered systems applicable to all aspects of society. This proposal as it stands became the founding purpose of IAUD, which was established one year later.

The 7th International Conference for Universal Design in Bangkok 2019

This conference, which will be our 7th international conference, has adopted Sustainable Development through Universal Design as its key theme. Past Conferences have always been held in Japan, but this time we will hold the conference in Bangkok, Thailand. As the forerunner of the economic development in the ASEAN regions, Thailand is the focal point, and there are many international corporations active in the areas. The proximity to surrounding countries will enable many overseas participants to join, and active discussion and exchange of ideas during the conference will promote further development of UD concepts, thus more advanced accessible and usable society will be realized.


Preliminary report on UD2019 画像

Preliminary report on UD2019

Preliminary report of the7th International Conference for Universal Design in Bangkok 2019 has been released.

2019.04.14 Updated


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