Fernanda Jordani Barbosa Harada

2015.08.05 Updated


Visiting Design Fellow, Institute for Human Centered Design: USA

Fernanda was born and raised in Brazil, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design at FAAP in São Paulo. As part of her award-winning graduation thesis, Fernanda designed a portable and inclusive walking cane for elderly people, which is currently being patented.

Also at FAAP, she earned a Master's degree in Interior Design with her research that focused on understanding how emotional, social, and environmental factors affect human behavior. Based on the concept that choices expose the user to the world, Fernanda explored how this knowledge should be used to improve the design process and its results to people of all abilities.

Currently, Fernanda is enrolled in a PhD research in Inclusive Design at UNIFESP in São Paulo, implementing the principles of universal design to improve health care system in low income communities for people with visual impairment. She is also co-founded the multidisciplinary Lab Group MedHacker, using empathic and human-centered techniques to improve the healthcare environment.



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