The 3rd International Conference for Universal Design 2010 in Hamamatsu Flash Report (Second Day)

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Sunday, October 31

Start of the main conference. Up until November 3, the Plenary Keynote Session, Keynote Session, and Special Session will be held in the Main Hall as the main conference venue. In addition, 34 Concurrent Sub-sessions are scheduled to be held on various themes in three different venues.
The “48-hour Design Marathon,” which is increasingly becoming one of the central events of IAUD, started at Shizuoka University of Art and Culture. In addition to this, award ceremonies were held for various types of awards and contests as well as movie screenings.

Plenary Session

“Inclusion of Diversity”

201balaram.JPGThe basic principle of UD is to understand the diversity of human beings and to subsume in our concepts as much diversity as possible. Diversity includes not only differences in age, sex, nationality, and ability, but also difference in language, culture, and lifestyle. The challenge for us is to construct a society where no person is unfairly excluded.


202sandue.JPGJim Sandhu (Emeritus Professor, University of Northumbria: UK)

202balaram.JPG Singanapalli Balaram (Professor, DJ Academy of Design: India)

Keynote Session

“Design Can Save the World”

203motomura.JPG The number of children whose lives are lost annually due to the inability to access safe drinking water in developing countries is said to be about 1.8 million. Discussions centered on the possible roles design can play in rescuing people in developing countries, where many people encounter various problems in going about routine activities in their daily lives. The presentations included case studies and proposals from the two speakers.


Yoshitaka Okada (Dean, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Sophia University: Japan) “What companies are able to do for the reduction of poverty”

Takuto Motomura (President, Granma Inc.: Japan) “Design Can Save the World”

“Return to Farmland from Minefield”


Kiyoshi Amemiya (President, Yamanashi Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.: Japan)

204amemiya.JPG “Challenge of Removing Landmines: Restoring Fertile Land and Peacefulness” Every year 26,000 people all over the world are killed or maimed by landmines, and it is expected to take more than 1,000 years to remove all mines if it is done manually. Mr. Amamiya designed and developed a landmine-removing machine. A milestone in the development of technology, the machine is capable of disposing landmines safely, efficiently, and quickly. Seventy of Mr. Amamiya’s machines are already in operation in Cambodia, Afghanistan, Colombia, and other countries. Mr. Amemiya concluded his speech by saying, “Technology is a challenger in the field of creating things, and the fountainhead of technology is in creation and the development of human beings.”

(An actual landmine-removing machine was on display at the concurrent exhibition hall.)

Panel Discussion

Towards a Sustainable Co-existence - Roles in Politics

210seijika.JPG Political leadership is emphasized under the Democratic Party government and there is much expectation on how conventional bureaucrat-led administration and its detrimental effects are changed under the new political (citizen) leadership. Since the concept of UD can be adopted as policy principles as well as tools across ministries and agencies of the government, there are expectations for partnerships to be found between political initiatives and bureaucratic ministries and agencies. In this session, incumbent Diet members and Mr. Suzuki, the mayor of Hamamatsu City were invited as panelists.


Kazuo Okamoto (Vice President of the Organizing Committee, Chairman of IAUD Council, Vice Chairman, Member of the Board, TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION: Japan)


206shionoya.JPG Ryu Shionoya (House of Representatives member)

207ooguchi.JPG Yoshinori Oguchi (House of Representatives member)

208ichimura.JPG Koichiro Ichimura (House of Representatives member, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)

209suzuki.JPG Yasutomo Suzuki (Mayor of Hamamatsu City: Japan)

Poster Session

211poster.JPG Research examples are displayed by posters and changed daily.

Special Seminar (Luncheon Seminar)

213toto.JPGToto Ltd.

212nomurakougei.JPGNomura Co., Ltd.

Award Ceremony for the Universal Design Honor Award 2010 of Germany

The Universal Design Association, Germany, presented the Universal Design Honor Award 2010 of Germany to IAUD’s activities. This award is presented to an organization or individual whose contribution to Universal Design is especially notable, and it was presented for the achievement by IAUD in widely promoting and spreading the ideals of UD throughout the world.
Chairman Thomas Barde presented IAUD Director Narikawa with the award certificate and trophy.
The award certificate (enlarged version) can be viewed here (PDF 1MB)

The award certificate (enlarged version) can be viewed here (PDF 1MB)

Award Ceremony for the Children’s UD Contest


Screening of the UD movie “The Miracle of Gifted Quarter”

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