Toshimasa Yamanaka

2021.02.25 Updated


Photo:Toshimasa Yamanaka
  • Councilor, IAUD
  • Professor, University of Tsukuba: Japan


Toshimasa YAMANAKA professor, faculty of Art and Design, Advisory to the President, University of Tsukuba.

He received Ph.D. From the University of Tsukuba and is currently a Advisor to the president of University of Tsukuba.
Also, a Professor in Kansei Information and Product Design since 2005.
He was a president of Japanese Society for the Science of Design since 2012-2015 and currently the president of IASDR 2020-2022.
He is an advisor of the Japan Society of Kansei Engineering, Former, worked as a Design Researcher at Asahi Opt. Co, Ltd, 1982-1994 and started education at the University of Tsukuba.
He spends a Visiting Researcher at IIT, Chicago from 1990-1991, TU Delft 2002-2003.



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