Kouichi Matsuo

2021.02.25 Updated


Photo:Kouichi Matsuo
  • Division General Manager, Optical Devices Division, Applied Optics and Environment Business Unit, IWASAKI ELECTRIC CO., LTD.: Japan


  • 1994
  • 1998
    He was assigned to The Industrial Light Source Division, Optical Application Lamp Division.
  • 2012
    He was appointed as the manager of Optical Application Planning Promotion Section, Optical Application Business Promotion Division.
  • 2019
    He was appointed as the General Manager, Optical Devices Division

He was being engaged in the development of light sources for high color acting HID Lamps for general lighting since he joined the company. From 1998 he started the project of developing and manufacturing mercury lamps for semiconductor exposure. From 2012, he was in charge of medium-to-long-term business strategy, new business planning and profit and loss management. Since 2019, he has been engaged in promoting the development of new light sources for industrial use and managing manufacturing department, focusing on the development of light sources for ultraviolet lamps and UV-LEDs. Since 2020 he has been in charge of planning and operating continuous sterilization business development as a project leader in the sterilization business.



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