Onny Eikhaug

2021.02.23 Updated


Photo: Onny Eikhaug
  • President, EIDD Design for All Europe
  • Member of IAUD International Design Award Selection Committee: Norway


Onny Eikhaug is the President of EIDD Design for All Europe, a network comprising of 35 members, consisting of both design institutions, innovation centres and academia. She was for more than 13 years Programme Leader at Design and Architecture Norway, responsible for pioneering the organisation’s activities in the field of people-centred, inclusive design. She was also responsible for the Centre's government funded Innovation for All programme promoting inclusive design to business and public sector as an effective strategy for innovation. She writes, publishes, and lectures both in Norway and internationally, curates exhibitions and works closely with designers, education, research institutions, industry and government. She is responsible for the book "Innovating with people –The Business of Inclusive Design» - distributed worldwide as a design school curriculum and the platform for the Executive Education in Inclusive Design concept as well as a revised edition of the book; the recently published Innovating with People – Inclusive Design and Architecture. In 2015 she was appointed the Inclusive Design Champion Award by an international jury at the Include conference at the Royal College of Art in London.

She has a broad experience in international business management; marketing, sales, innovation, product development and design management and holds an MBA from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration.



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