10-002 (August 19, 2010 Release) Mobile Information UD Survey (online survey open to the public)

2010.09.01 Updated


News Release
(August 19, 2010 Release)

Mobile Information UD Survey (online survey open to the public)
Guide Information: Realizing a seamless mobile environment

Since it came to the attention of IAUD (Patron: His Imperial Highness Prince Tomohito) that the methods and procedures of providing transportation information to commuters and travelers at places like train stations and bus terminals vary from one company to the next, we have been researching the issue with the goal of realizing a travel environment where “all people can travel safely and comfortably wherever they want to go” through what we term “seamless mobility” in travel information.
To discover the “seams” in the crossover from one service to another, we prepared the Mobile Information UD Survey as a tool. We now wish to advise that this tool is available online.
Wish to advise you that invite all persons interested in Universal Design to make use this survey in local government, transportation companies, schools and other public and private organizations. We welcome all comments and requests regarding the survey.
We have created this research sheet after trials in several locations and receiving feedback on many occasions. We invite you to make use of this tool for gathering opinions or researching the needs of various people in the community and for community building and the development of transportation terminals. After you use this sheet, we would appreciate it very much if you would give us your opinion on the sheet and any requests you might have for improvement or inclusion.

Open Page (Japanese only): https://www.iaud.net/udroom/archives/1003/25-000000.php

Image of the survey sheet

Download (Japanese only): https://www.iaud.net/udroom/archives/1003/24-200000.php

Features of the survey

  1. We designed the survey bearing in mind its use as a field study.
    • Easy-to-read format (lists of scenarios and assessment items make the survey readable at a glance)
    • Easy-to-use format for obtaining subjective assessments of subjects in the field (multiple-choice responses using check marks and assessment at three levels or less)
  2. Presentation of necessary items relating to transportation information “seams” that can be judged intuitively
    Survey items on presence or absence of guide information, location of its placement, height of displays, font sizes, use of color, searchability, foreign languages, audio and Braille options, and option for subjects to add comments, etc.
  3. Accompanying handbook with concise, easy-to-understand instructions on how to use the survey sheet
    Includes points to beware of when conducting the survey, rationale underlying each evaluation item, and check points, etc.

Handbook for research (Japanese only): https://www.iaud.net/udroom/archives/1003/24-212342.php


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