Invitation to Paper Submission: The 7th International Conference for Universal Design in Bangkok 2019

2018.08.01 Updated


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  • Full Paper submission deadline: 20th November 2018 (maximum 10 pages in A4)
  • Review results will be notified mid-January 2019
  • Presentation will be on 5 and 6 March 2019. Venue: King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL), etc.

Japan’s first international conference on universal design (UD) was held in Yokohama in November 2002. The International Universal Design Declaration adopted on the final day defined UD as a way of creating a social environment that respects the humanity of every individual, and asserted that it was urgently necessary to rebuild the relationship between makers and users and thereby create a human-centered system that applies to all aspects of society. Since then, various people in various fields have conducted activities based on that declaration.

The next international conference, after Yokohama in 2002, Kyoto in 2006, Hamamatsu in 2010, Fukuoka in 2012, Tokyo 2014, and Nagoya in 2016, will be held in Bangkok, Thailand in March 2019. At this conference we will transmit, from Japan and Thailand to the world, the results of the further advances that have taken place in UD-related research and practices, and also share information and carry out interpersonal exchanges, thereby aiming to realize a higher-quality UD society.

The theme of the next conference in 2019 is “Universal Design and Sustainable Development.” Plenary or sub-sessions and other forums will be presented during the conference, where we expect lively exchanges of opinions to take place.

The Sub-theme of the conference is followings;

  • Innovation for all
  • Regional and urban development
  • Sustainable inclusive city
  • User-friendly product design and service
  • Rapid global ageing

To encourage the widest possible range of activity reports, essays, research papers, etc., from people active across industry, government, academia, design practice, civic activities, and other areas, and to facilitate a dynamic debate around key issues of participation, inclusion and design-for-all we are asking for full paper submission by 20th November 2018. Each paper should specify subjects / activities and the nature of any proposed presentation, workshop theme etc. The intention is to facilitate planning of presentation sessions in order to ensure the best possible subject coverage and workshop / session structure for the conference, to avoid possible conflict of scheduling.

Contributions are sought from people active in any relevant field, and we are particularly interested in reports of ongoing UD activities and the results of recently completed projects, along with themes and proposals for the further development of UD in the future. We hope to receive papers from a diversity of people, including researchers, educators, design practitioners in all disciplines, product planners and developers, consultants, people involved in NPOs and other civic activities, students, and others. The 7th International Conference for Universal Design in Bangkok 2019 could thus be an opportunity for you to present your research results, or your efforts in product creation or practical affairs, to an international audience of experts and leaders in the field of UD.

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