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2012.10.20 Updated


Leading products, research findings and case studies in universal design were presented by companies, institutes and various organizations.
On October 13, the IAUD Research & Development Planning Division also reported on their activities in a series of presentations under the title "UD Talk."
Using geriatric simulation tools, visitors were also invited to conduct UD evaluations of evacuation support goods.


Exhibition Hall

Reception desk

1F Exhibition

Fujitsu Limited

Ricoh Co., Ltd./Okamura Corporation

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Toyota Boshoku Corporation

Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.

Hino Motors, Ltd.

Fukuoka City 1

Fukuoka City 2

Fukuoka City 1

Fukuoka City 2

Fukuoka Prefecture 3

Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota Motor Corporation

Toshiba Corporation

Panasonic Corporation

Sekisui House, Ltd.

All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.

Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

Institute of Human-Centered Design

Japan Mint/ National Printing Bureau

Shizuoka Prefecture 1

Shizuoka Prefecture 2

Saga Prefecture

Kao Corporation


Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

NEC Corporation

KOKUYO Furniture Co., Ltd.

Canon Inc.

Color Universal Design Organization (NPO)

Hitachi Group

Asahi Breweries, Ltd.

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Morisawa Inc.

Sumitomo 3M Limited

Ministry of Trade, Economy and Industry

National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE)

Foundation for Promoting Personal Mobility and Ecological Transportation (Eco-Mo Foundation)

1F "UD Talk" by the IAUD Research & Development Planning Division

View of the IAUD Corner

Simulated experience of what it feels like to be a geriatric person

1F IAUD Planning Display, "Design for Life-saving"

2F Exhibition

Opera Plaza Fukuoka

Kodomo NPO Center Fukuoka

The Children's Village Fukuoka

Fukuoka Design League (NPO)

Hakata safe reliable leader society

Kyushu Sangyo University

Kyushu University

Kukkuru Step (NPO)


Studio Ashi/Himawari Park Ropponmatsu

The Asian-Pacific Children's Convention in FUKUOKA (NPO)


SELP Cleaning/Health and Welfare Services for Persons with Disabilities

Fukuoka Prefecture 1

Fukuoka Prefecture 2

Himawari-en (Fukuoka Prefecture)

Mirai/Shinonome (Fukuoka Prefecture)

Shuhoen/Kissa Hotto (Fukuoka Prefecture)

Waku-Waku Building (Fukuoka Prefecture)

Kibosha support center for persons with disabilities/health and welfare for persons with disabilities Nanomi Kogei service center (Fukuoka Prefecture)

Catch-phrase Contest (Fukuoka Prefecture)

Universal Café

2F Display of "IAUD Award 2012" entries

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