Masataka Yoshikawa

2021.02.25 Updated


Photo:Masataka Yoshikawa
  • President/CEO, COSMO Tec Inc.: Japan


  • 1989 He joined COSMO Tec Inc.
  • 2005 He was appointed as the President (CEO).
    -Director, Japan LPGas Plant Association
    -Director, Non-profit organization Japan-Sri Lanka Gas Association
    Japan-Sri Lanka Gas Association (abbr. JSGA)

He has been consistently involved in the technical relationship of LP gas plants since he joined the company. He contributed to the construction of the first LP gas station in Taiwan and the subsequent development of LP gas station.

In 2019, he established an LP gas supply company in Sri Lanka and preparing to supply gas to areas where LP gas infrastructure is lagging behind, but the plan has been delayed due to the pandemic.
Regarding sterilization-related matters, the company started handling hypochlorite water production equipment which is manufactured by First Ocean (current name: NIPRO AMTES CO., LTD.) After that they started handling non-photocatalyst titanium phosphate compounds, and in 2020 they became the selling agency of SKYBE-783 by OEM.



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