Tatsushi Igarashi

2021.02.24 Updated


Photo:Tatsushi Igarashi
  • Executive Technical Advisor, Care 222nm Project, Business Management Head Quarters, Ushio Inc.: Japan


He has developed many light sources such as semiconductor exposure light source, projector light source, Cinema light source, excimer lamps for semiconductors, etc. as the Managing Executive Officer in charge of development headquarters and as CTO, at Ushio Inc, an industrial light source and equipment manufacturer for many years.

He has also developed lasers, EUVs and so on through joint ventures with various companies. As a director in charge of development at Gigaphoton, a joint venture with Komatsu Ltd., he developed ArF excimer lasers. As CEO at XTREME in Germany, a joint venture with Philips, he researched and developed semiconductor EUV light sources. From 2014, he started developing new products as a fellow and was appointed to the project leader of 222-nm in 2015. He has been conducting research and development for the digitization of 222-nm since then. He has been in his current position, Executive Technical Advisor since 2019.



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