Announcement of IAUD Awards 2012 Winners

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AwordLogo IAUD Awards 2012 had 34 entries from all over the world. The Awards Selection Committee judged the entries rigorously and impartially on October 2012 and they selected 11 awards winners.

IAUD Awards 2012 Winners

Special Award: H.I.H. Prince Tomohito Award

Ricoh Co., Ltd.

Ricoh's Disaster Area Recovery Support Program for the Great East Japan Earthquake
Ricoh's aim was to provide "safety", "reassurance" and "comfort" to as many people as possible. To achieve this, Ricoh conducted its disaster area recovery support program counting of the local people perspective. This program was a unique experience inside the Ricoh Group as we had created a system for continuous support by capitalizing on the strengths of each part inside of the Group.

Grand Award: Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award

Sekisui House, Ltd.

Sekisui Nattoku Kobo Studio experience training and SH-UD Master Planner Programme
Sekisui House's display facility is a place where young and old visitors alike can experience home universal design using all of the five senses, where universal design can be considered by habitants and builders alike from the same standpoint, where an interest of universal design is stimulated, and where the importance of home creation is shared. In addition, it serves as a location for company training programs designed to develop “SH-UD Master Planners” who are trained in the practice of universal design and in the promotion thereof.

In the category of: Business Strategy — Gold Award

Kao Corporation

Kao’s Initiatives to promote social inclusion
Kao has developed products and services based on the concept of Universal Design. Furthermore, last year we formulated the guidelines to the contribution and promotion of social inclusion. Kao also continues to develop the ideal method of closed-captioning TV commercials for people with hearing disabilities.

In the category of: Education — Gold Award

Shizuoka University of Art and Culture

UD education and public dissemination at the Faculty of Design
Shizuoka University of Art and Culture has placed universal design as its central idea of education from its beginning, and multiple lectures and studio activities have been set up toward better understanding of the concepts. The University also tried to disseminate information to the public through hosting International Symposia on Universal Design. Most of the symposia reports are transcribed and put on the web for wider audience.

In the category of: Education — Silver Award

Foundation for UD Education, Taiwan

Holding of Asia’s first “UD Award” design contest for the promotion of universal design for students, and outcomes from the same.
The object of the “UD AWARDS” which were launched by the Foundation of Universal Design Education in 2006 is to promote an awareness and understanding of UD. The awards consist of a design contest for students held annually. The awards have contributed significantly to an enhanced recognition and awareness of UD in Taiwan and, up until last year, had received over 4000 design entries which, as a direct result thereof, since 2010 have led to the formal introduction of UD classes in a large number of Taiwanese schools. Many public institutions, most notably in the Taipei city, have come to adopt UD as a principal policy.

In the category of: Innovation for Everyday Use and Emergency Situations — Gold Award

Panasonic Corporation

"Everyday Convenience × Being Ready for the Unexpected" Series.
Since Japan’s major earthquake disaster people have been looking for products that can be used conveniently in everyday situations as well as in sudden disaster situations such as earthquakes. Focusing on the three vital areas of lighting, communication, and a supplementary power sources, Panasonic has contributed to the dissemination of emergency use products by developing a series of five new products: a compact solar light, non-contact interior light, rechargeable lantern, rechargeable portable One-Seg TV, and a portable power source.

In the category of: Innovation for Everyday Use and Emergency Situations — Silver Award

Hino Motors, Ltd.

Next-Generation Noncontact Power Supplying Mobility Hybrid Bus with Emergency Electricity Supply Function
The noncontact power supplying hybrid bus is a public transport vehicle with low environmental impact capable of flexible operation on plural energy sources. Also equipped with a power supply function for use during emergencies, it is a form of next-generation mobility with development potential for achieving a low-carbon society.

In the category of: Communication Design — Gold Award

Naoyuki Mori

Novel system for transmitting text translations of audio information
Information assistance system for the hearing impaired based on textual conversation of audio information. Conventional information assurance software mechanism necessitates the use of a PC and, accordingly, there are inherent problems therewith from the standpoint of movement range constraints, apparatus weight, and maintenance costs. This software, which obviates these problems, provides an information assurance mechanism which utilizes the browsers mounted in post-2006 game machines.

Silver Award / Mayor of Fukuoka Award

Learn-S Co., Ltd.

“IROHA Life support pack” A multilingual guidebook made for foreigners living in Japan
The “IROHA Japan Life Support Pack” is chock full of information for foreigners living in Japan from the time of their arrival to coping with everyday life in Japan. The pack contains an “IROHA Living Guide,” for assisting with life in Japan, an “IROHA Sheet,” with emergency contact numbers, and an “IROHA Checkup Sheet,” which is useful for visits to the doctor or hospital. All of the information is given in simple Japanese and simple language in the respective English, Chinese and Portuguese versions.

In the category of: Product Design — Gold Award


Implementation of sensitive user-type design approach“Sustainable universal design for awakening people’s sensitivities”
Implementation of design approach for the planning and creation of furniture for public facilities.Recognition of those with disabilities as “sensitive users” having greater lifestyle sensitivities and, through dialogue and on-the-spot surveys conducted therewith, to provide a collaborative means for both extracting issues affecting such users, and resolving the same while adding new value.
The result of this is a capacity to create commodities of greater originality and improved competitiveness which are more user friendly for both the able bodied and those with disabilities.

In the category of: Product Design — Silver Award

Panasonic Corporation

Double-headed iron
The double-pointed ends of the ironing surface make it easy for a wide range of users including novices to do skillful ironing.
(1) Requires no turning of direction and reduces ironing time by about 20% for a single shirt
(2) Significantly reduces the frequency of lifting the iron, so there is less physical burden
(3) Helps eliminate creases when changing ironing direction or ironing backwards, and is easy to check results.

Awards Ceremony

Awards Ceremony

The IAUD Awards 2012 ceremony and presentations of winners were held on the 14th of October, the final day of the 4th International Conference for Universal Design in FUKUOKA 2012. Mr.Okamoto the President of the Organizing Committee extended the certificates to the winners.

Awards Ceremony2
Special Award: H.I.H. Prince Tomohito Award "Ricoh Co., Ltd."

Comment of the Chair of the Selection Committee

Photo:Roger Coleman

Prof.Roger Coleman, Chair of the Selection Committee and Professor Emeritus of the Royal College of Art, commented on each entry.

IAUD Awards 2012 Review and Citations

Winners’ Presentations


All the winners, except the silver awards, presented their projects.

Exhibition of All Winners


A panel display of each winner's project was exhibited at the Exhibition Hall of the 4th International Conference for Universal Design in FUKUOKA 2012.


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