Making original pictogram "Beware of burns" available for use

2009.11.26 Updated


In our Universal Design Food Project we have been promoting efforts to standardize indications on labels for calling people's attentions to potential dangers. We recently completed two pictograms to warn people to “Beware of burns” and one pictogram for “Beware of steam.” We are now making these available to the public.
In creating these pictograms, we conducted trials following test procedures for JIS warning diagrams and signs for consumers. All of three pictograms satisfy the points of reference for both categories of “degree of comprehension” and “ease of visual confirmation”.
In the future, we intend to approach food manufacturers and home electronics manufacturers to recommend that they adopt these pictograms.

2 pictograms for “Beware of burns”

No.1 pictogram for Beware of burns No.2 pictogram for Beware of burns

1 pictogram for “Beware of steam”

pictogram for Beware of steam

We welcome all opinions and inquiries. Please forward your opinions and comments to the IAUD Secretariat.

Addendum (February 15, 2010): On February 9, 2010 the Nihon Keizai Shimbun featured an article on the “Beware of burns” pictogram initiative of the UDPJ for food on its society page Kokaku Eikaku (Wide Angle- Sharp Angle) the evening edition.

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