Subtitle distribution service with "OMOTENASHI" app is to be used at "UD2019"

2019.02.12 Updated


Subtitle distribution service with

Subtitle distribution service with "OMOTENASHI" app is to be used at "The 7th International Conference for Universal Design in Bangkok 2019". During the conference, 13 local languages will be subtitled by the "OMOTENASHI Guide" app.

Note: Please download "OMOTENASHI Guide" app BEFORE starting the conference.
You are not able to talk on the phone during the subtitle service is being used.

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What is the "OMOTENASHI Guide" app?

It is a smart phone app ideal for foreign people or person with hearing difficulties who do not understand announcements or is difficult to hear the sound.
With implementing the Sound Universal Design system (SoundUD) in the "OMOTENASHI Guide" app, users receive information from public announcement, TV news, international conferences, events, and more in their own languages, however, other one-to-one translation equipment or voice guidance system can not do the same.
The "OMOTENASHI Guide" app and system were awarded by "IAUD AWARD 2016 GOLD Award in Service Design category".

Operating Environment : iOS 9.0 or later / Android 4.4 or later Usage
Fee : Free of Charge (Communication fee for downloading the app is born by customers)

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