IAUD Award 2017 Special Recommendation System

2017.11.02 Updated


October 8, 2017
Keiji Kawahara, Chair of the IAUD Joint Business Committee

IAUD Award 2017 Mark

The IAUD Joint Business Committee has decided to hold this year's IAUD Award 2017 presentation event in Munich during Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW) which will be held March 3-11, 2018 in Munich, the capital of Bavaria. This is a result of a request from the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology for IAUD to present an exhibition at the event titled "Japan Universal Design Exhibition."

In the seventh year since the beginning of the IAUD Awards in 2010, we can finally promote the awards abroad, providing us with a unique opportunity.

Seizing this ideal opportunity and having the desire to further expand the number of award applications, the IAUD Joint Business Committee has established a new Special Recommendation System in which Award Special Nominators recommend parties for awards. The Special Recommendation System will allow those recommended parties to skip the 1st selection phase and proceed directly to the 2nd selection phase (main selection phase). However, a fee of 80,000 yen is required, which is the equivalent of the 1st selection and 2nd selection fees combined.

Award Special Nominators

The following are allowed to be Award Special Nominators.

  • IAUD members (either Full, Associate, or Supporting members)
  • UD Elementary or Intermediate Certification holders

The IAUD wants Award Special Nominators to serve as universal design “missionaries” who find applicants working in various fields in society thought to be suited to receive IAUD awards and encourage them to apply for them.

Please download the Special Recommendation Application Form from the IAUD website and, after consultation with the recommended applicant, submit the application by Friday, November 17, 2017.

In addition, for applications outside of Japan, Award Special Nominators can get a commission (8,000 yen), which is equivalent to 10% of the combined screening fees, for each application paid directly to them by the applicant. If the applicant agrees to do so, they will receive a 10% discount off the application registration fee (bringing the fee down to 72,000 yen).

Click here to download the Special Recommendation Application Form and Explanatory Note (MS-Word: 82KB)


Application period for 2nd Selection   Monday, October 2 to Friday, November 17, 2017
Period of 2nd Selection Monday, November 20 to Thursday, November 30, 2017
Notification of selection results Mid-December, 2017
Deadline for the submission of
the presentation materia
Early-February, 2018
*Materials (including translation into English) to be created by award winners
Presentation Event March 9, 2018 (Friday)

*Presentation Date & Venue have been changed onto the following: March 9, 2018 (Friday) Oskar von Miller Forum (Munich, Germany)
*Presentations are only given by Grand Award and Gold Award winners.

We ask IAUD members and UD Certification holders for their cooperation in becoming Award Special Nominators to energetically encourage parties to become award applicants.

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