Application Requirements for IAUD Award 2017

2017.04.25 Updated


Extension of a deadline of application for IAUD award 2017

We extend the deadline of application as follows: Schedule

Deadline for the 1st selection : September 15, 2017

Deadline for the 2nd selection : November 17, 2017

IAUD Award 2017 Mark


International Association for Universal Design (IAUD) conducts activities aimed at achieving its basic objective: “To contribute to the healthy development of society, and improve the welfare of humanity as a whole, through further disseminating and actualizing of Universal Design (UD).” In that vein, we have been hosting IAUD Award since 2010, which will recognize groups and individuals who have conducted or proposed particularly noteworthy activities aimed at realizing a UD society in which everyone - regardless of age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, culture, ability, customs, or other factors - can live comfortably, without feeling any undue inconvenience. IAUD cordially invites you to apply for the awards of excellence in universal design.

Eligible Applicants

All corporations, organizations, individuals and groups, inside and outside Japan, that are interested in "innovative UD activities and proposals for achieving a sustainable, harmonious society through the promotion of new and improved concepts in town development, products, and systems" are eligible to apply. Specific businesses, teams and other sub-units of corporations and organizations are also eligible. So long as the work or the example of an activity is the applicant’s own, it does not matter if it has already been published or presented elsewhere.

Topics / Categories

  1. Universal Design in General (Concept, Philosophy, etc.)
  2. Architecture / Regional Planning (Urban Development, Public Space, Parks, etc.)
  3. Tourism / Inclusive Culture/ Mobility (Public Transportation, Automobiles, etc.)
  4. Housing / Household Equipment / Interior Design
  5. Commodities / daily life products / Industrial Design
  6. Package Design / Fashion Design
  7. Information and Communications / Broadcasting and Mass Media / Graphic Design
  8. Software / System Design / Website Design / Interaction Design
  9. Ergonomics / Human Engineering / Sensory Engineering / Other Types of Engineering and Technology
  10. Health Care and Nursing / Hygiene and Sanitation / Social Welfare Services / Labor
  11. Environmental Protection / Ecology / Resources and Energy / Sustainable Design
  12. Education and Enlightenment / Ethics and Morality / Standards and Certification / Legislation
  13. Disaster Prevention and Rescue / Security and Public Safety / National Defense / International Goodwill / Development Assistance
  14. Protection of Human Rights / Administration of Justice / Mutualistic Society / Declining Birthrate and Aging / Gender Equality
  15. Dietary Education and Food / Agriculture and Forestry / Livestock Industry / Fishing Industry / Industrial Development
  16. Distribution / Currency and Finance / Insurance / etc.

Composition of the Award

We are seeking innovative UD activities and proposals for achieving a sustainable, harmonious society through the promotion of new and improved concepts in town development, products, and systems. The IAUD Award 2017 Selection Committee will present IAUD Awards to those entries deemed to fulfill certain standards in universal design. Entries that receive an award (for architecture, products, services, etc.) will be granted use of the IAUD Award mark, which is beneficial in familiarizing people with universal design and promoting its ideals. Award winners will also be eligible for the Grand Award, which is presented to the most outstanding award recipient. In addition to the Patron’s Special Award, this year we intend to present a Gold Award and Silver Award for each category. After receiving the awards, the recipients will be granted a free license to use each of the Award marks during one month promotion period.
After the promotion period, the recipients could utilize them for public relations continuously with payment of the prescribed royalty.
(Please note, however, that when no entry is deemed appropriate, these awards are not presented.)

Conditions and provisions for use of IAUD Awards2017 mark, please click on the following link

*For results of the IAUD Awards 2016, please click on the following link
Announcement of IAUD Award 2016 Winners

Application Method

1st Selection

Download the prescribed application form from our website, fill in the necessary information, and then send the form (preferred format is Microsoft Word) to the IAUD Award 2017 Division, Secretariat of the International Association for Universal Design, either by email attachment, in the mail or by courier service.

  • The language used on the application form may be either Japanese or English. (We recommend making entries in both languages.)
  • For each application, please pay 25,000 yen (tax included) as the registration and selection fee.
  • Please notify the Secretariat if payment of the registration and selection fee is to be delayed.
  • All expenses related to the application shall be borne by the applicant.
  • Deadline for the 1st selection: September 15, 2017
  • Download Application Form:

The Application Form in PDF format. (IAUDAward2017-Applicationform_e.pdf)

The Application Form in MS Word format. (IAUDAward2017-Applicationform_e.doc)

2nd Selection

Only applicants who successfully pass the 1st Selection will be asked to participate in the 2nd Selection. Such applicants will need to send the following items to the IAUD Award 2017 Division, Secretariat of the International Association for Universal Design, by email or courier service: data of panels (5 or fewer, A1 size, vertical format) compressed to maximum 5 MB (required format is PDF) to be used for the 2nd Selection, and if any, data of explanatory video (preferred format is MP4).

  • The language used on the panels, etc. may be Japanese or English. (We recommend writing everything in both languages.)
  • For each application, please pay 55,000 yen (tax included) as the registration and selection fee.
  • Please notify the secretariat if payment of the registration and selection fee is to be delayed.
  • All expenses related to the application (production expenses, postage, etc.) shall be borne by the applicant.
  • Deadline for the 2nd selection: November 17, 2017

Registration and selection fee

  • Please contact secretariat () when you pay the fee by the bank transfer. We will issue the invoice. Please make sure to pay the fee by the deadline.
  • For credit card payment, please follow steps below and finish such procedure until the closing date.
  • VISAMaster CardJCB American Express
    Credit card payment form(2nd Selection)


Entries will go through the 1st Selection (document-based selection) and, if successful, the 2nd Selection (main selection). The Selection Committee will comprehensively judge and evaluate each entry based on how it presents the UD concept, on how detailed its proposed ideas are, or on how effectively its activities were put into practice. The particulars of the selection process are described in "Selection Guidelines for IAUD Award 2016 (*only for The Selection Committee)."
*Entries that correspond to any of those mentioned below shall be deemed unacceptable, and should this correspondence come to light after an award is granted, the award may be withdrawn.

  • Entries that violate public order and morality or any law or ordinance
  • Entries that infringe the rights of a copyright holder or some other third party
  • Entries whose contents the applicant refuses to disclose by way of a presentation, publication, the Internet, etc.

Selection Criteria

  1. Sustainable and Universal: The entry presents concepts and practices suitable for creating a sustainable, mutualistic society.
  2. Diversity and Inclusion: The entry shows an understanding of the diversity of traditions, cultures, lifestyles and people, and does not exclude minorities but rather expressly includes them; and thus contributes to realizing a qualitatively rich and happy way of life.
  3. Safe and Secure Society: The entry contributes to the construction of mechanisms, systems and morals appropriate to a society that protects human rights and respects the humanity of every individual.
  4. Spontaneous and Sustainable Dialogue: The entry serves to build ongoing exchanges and relationships between corporations, design practioners and clients, government, research institutions, NPOs, and citizens.
  5. Passing-on of Knowledge and Skills to the Next Generation: Through disseminating universal design and knowledge about it, the entry serves to cultivate individuals suited to lead the next generation.

Selection Committee

IAUD Award 2017 Selection Committee composed of the academic experts, UD specialists, and other knowledgeable individuals (an organization of fair and neutral third parties) will be established and will judge the entries rigorously and impartially.

  • The Chair of the Selection Committee: Roger Coleman (Professor Emeritus of the Royal College of Art, UK)
  • Vice Chair of the Selection Committee: Fumikazu Masuda (President, open house inc., Japan)
  • The member of the Selection Committee:
    • Francesc Aragall (President, Design for All Foundation, Spain)
    • Thomas Bade (CEO, Institute for Universal Design, Germany)
    • Valerie Fletcher (Executive Director, Institute for Human-Centered Design, USA)
    • Toshiharu Arai (Professor Emeritus, Kanazawa College of Art, Japan)
    • Keiji Kawahara (Professor, Head of Department of Design, School of Media and Design / Graduate School in Media and Design, Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences; Executive Director, IAUD, Japan)

Announcement and Conferment of Awards

The results of the award will be notified to the applicants by the Mid-December 2017 and they will be officially announced at the award ceremony. The award winners will also be asked to deliver presentations about their entries. (The date and time of the ceremony and the presentation will be notified on latter date.)
The contents of the award-winning entries will be presented in the exhibition hall by way of the prepared panels, models and so on, and, following the official announcement, will be disclosed to the public on IAUD’s website, through reports, and by other means. Moreover, please understand that IAUD will hold the copyrights to the reports and other publications issued following the award ceremony.

About the Application Documents, and Other Matters

As a rule, application documents will not be returned. The contents of application documents, including personal information, will not be used for any purpose other than the selection process. A review of the selection process will be made public including reasons for awarding the prizes to the respective award recipients and comments regarding particularly outstanding aspects of the winning entries. Applicants whose entries sadly miss out on awards this year will also receive brief comments from the IAUD Award 2017 Selection Committee members as to why their entries were not successful. This may be helpful as a reference in preparing future applications. However, inquiries regarding any other matters including details of the selection process and about the names of unsuccessful applicants, and objections to the selection results, will not be accepted.
* By submitting an application, an individual agrees to the above conditions.


Application period for 1st Selection End of April to September 15, 2017
Period of 1st Selection September 18 to September 22, 2017
Notification of selection results End of September, 2017
Application period for 2nd Selection      October 2 to November 17, 2017
Period of 2nd Selection December 12 to December 22, 2017
Notification of selection results End December, 2017 (TBD)
Deadline for the submission of
the presentation material
Early-February, 2018
*The award winners only
Presentation Date & Venue: March 9, 2018 (Friday)
Oskar von Miller Forum (Munich, Germany)

Address for forwarding documents and making inquiries concerning the 1st Selection:

IAUD Award 2017 Division, Secretariat, International Association of Universal Design

  • 2-13-18-110 Shin-Ishikawa, Aoba-ku, Yokohama, 225-0003 Japan
  • Tel: +81-45-901-8420
  • Fax: +81-45-901-8417
  • E-mail:
*Data by Microsoft Word file will be preferred.

Please make your inquiry here (you will be automatically transferred to the Inquiries page).

Address for forwarding data of panels and supplementary video for the 2nd Selection:

  • E-mail:
*Data by PDF file and MP4 file will be available.

Download Application Form

Click here to download the Application Requirements.

Click here to download the Application Form in PDF format. (IAUDAward2017-Applicationform_e.pdf)

Click here to download the Application Form in MS Word format. (IAUDAward2017-Applicationform_e.doc)

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