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Plenary Session [PL-04] Keynote Speech

"UD as a Way of International Contribution"


  • Kiyoshi Amemiya (President, Yamanashi Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Japan)

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Mr. Kiyoshi Amemiya described the extent of damage brought by landmines and duds in countries like Cambodia and Afghanistan and the plight of people who nevertheless had to continue living there. Using photographs to illustrate, he spoke about the use of demining equipment he developed to contribute to restoring peace in those countries and how the effort helped to restore lives there. He also touched on a program in which letters written by Japanese children were delivered to those countries as a part of a project for consoling the victims. He stressed the importance of heartfelt exchange by saying, "promoting heartfelt exchange provides greater support than financial assistance."

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Plenary Session [PL-05] Special Session

"Where We Should Go"


  • Roger Coleman (Professor, Helen Hamlyn Research Centre, Royal College of Art, UK)
  • Valerie Fletcher (Adaptive Environments Center, USA)
  • Mitsuo Kawaguchi (Chairman of the Board of Directors, IAUD)


  • Keiji Kawahara (Executive Director, IAUD)

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The last plenary session began with Mr. Keiji Kawahara, Executive Director of IAUD, presenting a summary of the five-day conference.

Mr. Roger Coleman, Ms. Valerie Fletcher, and Mr. Mitsuo Kawaguchi, Executive Director of IAUD, shared their impressions and discoveries gained from the conference.

Mr. Coleman said he felt that the Exhibition and the presentation about the Nanakuma subway line in Fukuoka were particularly impressive. He said that the subway project "should be made into an international benchmark in public transportation," and that by "sharing such a benchmark, we should raise the level of other projects." As for new discoveries, he said, "The most important thing is involving users and consumers. I would like to add this as the eighth challenge of UD."

Ms. Fletcher praised the efforts made in Japan by saying, "UD is now in the mainstream and well-accepted." As for future challenges, she said there was a need to "collect case studies internationally" and to "prioritize information sharing."

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mitsuo Kawaguchi thanked the participants on the organizer's behalf and spoke about the developments leading up to the opening of the conference. For the future activities of IAUD, he said, "We would like to identify the achievements and issues that became clear at this conference and have discussions on how IAUD is going to follow up on those achievements and issues. The discussions should be interactive and be open to all participants."

The floor then joined in the discussion on the session's topic, "Where We Should Go."

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Closing Ceremony and Declaration of International Universal Design 2006

Excellent papers

A scene in Commendation for Excellent Papers

The follwong 4 excellent papers were annunced among the submitted and the recipients were commended by Mr. Satoshi Kose, Chair of Scientific Committee, UD2006.

  • The Small Design Changes that Make a Big Difference:
    A Case Study in Packaging Design from the Norwegian Company Jordan
    Marianne Storen Berg, Norway
  • Endeavoring to Influence Museum Design
    Letitia Upton Brown, USA
  • New Homes in the Ordinary Housing Stock:

    Can Universal Design Meet the Needs of Severely Disabled People?
    Jon Christophersen, Norway
  • Living Independently:
    Inspirational Kitchen and Bathroom Design for Older PeopleRama Gheerawo, Jeremy Myerson, UK

The Declaration of The 2nd International Conference for
Universal Design in Kyoto 2006

Mr. Mitsuo Kawaguchi, chairman of the board of directors, announced Declaration of The 2nd International Conference for Universal Design in Kyoto 2006

Mr. Mitsuo Kawaguchi, Chairman of the Board of Directors, IAUD, announced The Declaration of The 2nd International Conference for Universal Design in Kyoto 2006.

>> The Declaration of The 2nd International Conference for Universal Design in Kyoto 2006

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