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Declaration of The 2nd International Conference for Universal Design in Kyoto 2006

We gathered here in Kyoto to exchange ideas about the topic "Considerate and Decisive - Listen to the users and deliver."

In Yokohama in 2002, we identified that Universal Design is for the accomplishment of a society that places high value on the individual, and we recognized that it is an urgent task for us to establish the relationships between the users and providers/producers.
One year after the conference in Yokohama, The International Association for Universal Design (IAUD) was set up to accomplish and disseminate these ideals, to report our activities, and to consider the future direction, we organized the second conference for Universal Design.

It is now more recognized that cooperation between users and providers is vital to accomplish the needs of various types of users. Active participation of users in the process, introduction of Universal Design concepts to primary and secondary education, and government procurement of Universal Design products are examples of concrete moves toward the fulfillment of our goal.
We have to think over how our activities will contribute to the global challenge for the sustainable society, and how such activities will be evaluated in the long run.
In that respect, we may have to review the significance of this conference being held in Kyoto, where the past and the present is mingled, and future is continually created.
It is all the more important to remember that the Kyoto Protocol on UN Convention on Climate Change was discussed and adopted in this same conference hall.

We believe that our present will guide us to the future just as we learn from the past.
So let us find our direction from within our past accomplishments.

We will progress further.
In the world still exists discrimination, poverty, war, environmental pollution, selfishness, and indifference.
Universal Design is determined to courageously struggle to solve such problems. And we will strive for a society where everyone can live a peaceful, comfortable life.
Let's continue with our dialogue.
We are confident in our belief that we have a responsibility for the future. We declare that we will continue our pursuit toward that goal.

Mitsuo Kawaguchi
Chairperson, Executive Committee
The 2nd International Conference for Universal Design in Kyoto 2006


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