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Kiyoshi Amemiya

President, Yamanashi Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. : Japan

Safety / International Contribution

Born in Yamanashi City, Yamanashi Prefecture in March 1947.
Joined Tetsudo Sharyo (Railroad Vehicles), an affiliate of Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd. in April 1961 where he was mainly involved in maintenance of the large mobile cranes used to install bridge beams on metropolitan expressways. In April 1970, after eight years as a corporate employee, he established Kyoto Sharyo Kogyosho (Kyoto Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) in Yamanashi City at the age of 23. Became a special distributor and designated factory for Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., in November 1980, and began selling new vehicular construction machinery.
Established a project team to develop demining equipment in 1995, which completed Machine No. 1 four years later in 1998. Tested blast proofness and conducted comprehensive tests on the safety and workability of the demining machine in Cambodia in 1999, and in Afghanistan in 2003. Newly developed demining equipment has been undergoing tests in Cambodia since July 2006.
Conducts extensive peace education and lecture activities at schools and various kinds of organizations with the aim of making the wretched circumstances of people in mined countries and the rebirth of nature after demining widely known, towards achieving a “Peaceful World without Landmines”.

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