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Application Guideline

The deadline for submission of full papers has expired. Thank you for your cooperation.

In the International Universal Design Declaration announced at the 1st International Conference for Universal Design in Yokohama, Japan 2002, it was proposed that designs that create social environments that respect and support the dignity of humans should be called Universal Design and that it was important to establish a user-centered system to be applicable to all aspects of society by redefining the relationships between the designers/producers and users.
We envision that people in different fields have been conducting various activities based on the Declaration since then.
At the International Conference to be held in Kyoto in 2006, we will convey the outcomes of the studies and practices developed during the past four years and the future outlook from Kyoto (Japan) to the world. We also aim to implement a universal design society of much higher quality through the increased sharing of information and human interaction.
Under the theme "Considerate and Decisive - Listen to the users and deliver!", we anticipate a lively exchange of views starting with the special lecture and keynote speeches in the symposium on the first day, and continuing to the plenary session and concurrent sessions that follow.

We welcome a broad range of experts from industry, academia and government as well as civil activities to give presentations on their achievements and on the agenda for developing universal design in the future. We therefore solicit papers (research papers, reports, articles, etc.) from educators, product developers, operation managers, consultants, those involved in NPO and other civil activities, and students as well as researchers. Please take this opportunity to make public the results of your research and commercialization as well as ingenuity in various practices at the 2nd International Conference for Universal Design.

1. Papers being invited:

Abstract and the full paper
  • Deadline for abstract for examination: March 31, 2006
  • Deadline for the full paper: June 23, 2006

Note: Only those who passed the abstract examination are requested to submit the full paper.

2. Qualification requirements

Anybody who is involved in research & development and hands-on activities of universal design can apply.
Applicants who passed the abstract examination are requested to complete registration to attend the Conference no later than June 15, 2006 and make a presentation at the 2nd International Conference for Universal Design in Kyoto 2006 to be held in October, 2006.

3. Invitation for papers and the examination schedule (As of 22 August, 2006)

Please refer to the following schedule regarding the invitation for papers and the examination. Further details will be posted on the official website as soon as they are finalized.

Dec. Start receiving abstracts for evaluation
Mar. 31 Deadline for the abstracts
Apr. Review and assessment of the abstracts
May 1 Notice of results are sent out and the submission of a full paper is to be requested (only to those who passed abstract examination)
Jun. 23 Deadline for the full paper
Jul. Review of the full paper
Middle of Aug. Notices of final results are sent out. Necessary correction of the full paper is to be requested.
Sep. 8 Deadline for all the papers
Oct. 23 - 25 Presentation at the International Conference
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4. Topics and keywords of the paper

Please have your paper correspond to any of the following viewpoint, topics/categories and keywords:


  1. Concept of Universal Design that expands globally | New theory and practice
  2. Dialog between designers/producers and users | building up close relationship with industry, academia and government as well as with consumers.
  3. Development of human resources of the next generation | understanding, inheritance and development of universal design.
  4. Learn from diversified tradition, culture and lifestyle | realization of richer and happier life in quality
  5. Others


  • Universal design in general (Ideal/Philosophy/Others)
  • Architecture/Regional Planning (Urban Development/Public space/Parks/Others)
  • Mobility (Public Transportation/Automobiles/Others)
  • Houses/Household Equipment/Interior Design
  • Commodities/Equipment and Tools Used in Daily Life/Product Design/Industrial Design
  • Telecommunications/Information/Broadcasting & Mass Media/Sign Design
  • Software/System Design/Web Design
  • Ergonomics/Human Engineering/Other Engineering
  • Disaster Prevention & Rescue/Medical Care & Welfare/Health & Hygiene
  • Environmental Protection & Ecology/Sustainable Design/Green Design
  • Education/Dissemination & Enlightenment/Civil Activity
  • Law/Standards & Certification/Government
  • Others


  • Accessibility/Usability/Interface Design
  • Barrier Free/Normalization
  • Inclusive Design/Design for All
  • Super Aged Society/Regional Management/Community
  • Diversity/Inclusion
  • Humanity/Human Dignity/Human Rights/Equity
  • Functionality/Aesthetics/Cognition(Understandability)
  • Safety/Relief/Security
  • Others
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5. Notes regarding the submission of abstract and the paper

  1. Please submit the full paper in both English and Japanese. English only is also acceptable.
  2. If it is difficult to translate the full paper from Japanese to English, you can submit the abstract in English only.
  3. Please download the full paper templates from the website, the URL of which was listed in the e-mail titled "Results of Abstract Review."
  4. The content of the submitting paper should be unpublished.
  5. Collection of abstracts will be distributed in the form of CD-ROM on the day of the Conference. Also, the full papers will be compiled to a book or the other publication for sale. Please be noted that copyright license of such publications will be owned by International Association for Universal Design.
  6. We will inform you of the date and type of your presentation (Oral or Poster), as well as the results of the review of your full paper, around August 2006.

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