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The 48 Hour Marathon for Universal Design in Fukuoka

Location : Home Special Workshop:The 48 Hour Marathon for Universal Design in Fukuoka
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Special Workshop:The 48 Hour Marathon for Universal Design in Fukuoka

This event is based on workshop activities that IAUD started in 2004 and the user participation workshop "The 48 Hour Design Marathon" held in 2006, 2007, 2009 February also December and 2011.

In addition, the 48 hour design workshop is held inviting not only IAUD members and member companies' designers as main participants but people with marketing experiences and engineers, and also participants from overseas.

Through the workshop, it is our intention to promote social cognition for universal design activities and to find future leaders and develop human resources.

Outline of activities

IAUD members and participants invited from Japan and other countries are divided into 6 teams under 6 predetermined team leaders. Each team creates a competitive design within the time limit (48 hours) based on the theme provided on the first day of the workshop.

The first half of the 48 hours are mainly used to visit the actual living environment with users and identify various problems.

The latter half is mainly used to generalize the design and to create materials for a presentation.

The public presentation is given live for all visitors and mass media who agree with the purpose of this workshop, and the excellent creations are rewarded through a public review by participants in the workshop.

Outline of event


October 10th (Wed) – October 13th (Sat) , 2012

*Meeting to reflect on the workshop experience is held on the 13th.


Kyushu University School of Design (Ohashi Campus)
Multi-Purpose Building "Tajigen" 4-9-1 Shiobaru Minami-ku Fukuoka , 815-8540,Japan
Tel:+81-92-553-4400  Fax:+81-92-553-4593
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Fukuoka International Congress Center, Main Hall (for presentation, judge)

Workshop theme

Universal Design to Enhance the Attractions of Fukuoka for Tourists


International Association for Universal Design (IAUD)


Kyushu University、Nonprofit Organization MARU


Toshiharu Arai
Professor of Product Design Barrier Free / Universal Design, Kanazawa College of Art

Administrative Partner

Yasuyuki Hirai
Associate Professor of Interior Design, Product Design, Inclusive Design, Kyushu University

User Supporter

Ryuji Higuchi
Nonprofit Organization MARU


Katsumi Makino
Chairperson of IAUD Workshop Committee


October 10 (Wednesday)
09:30-09:45  Users and leaders assemble in the Multi-Purpose Building "Tajigen" (School of Design, Kyushu University)
09:45-10:30  Users and leaders meet in the meeting rooms in the Multi-Purpose Building
10:30-11:00  Participants (excl. users and leaders) assemble in the Multi-Purpose Building "Tajigen"(School of Design, Kyushu University)
11:00-12:00  Opening ceremony (Multi-Purpose Building)
12:00-13:00  Team meetings, lunch (determine area to be investigated, time schedule, etc.)
13:00-18:00  Field investigation (in and outside Fukuoka)
18:00-20:00  Team work (Multi-Purpose Building)
20:00-        Social gathering for workshop members
October 11 (Thursday)
8:30-9:30  Team presentations (each team presents a summary of their investigation results)
9:30-21:00  Team work
October 12 (Friday)
08:00-12:00  Team work (preparation of presentations)
12:00-12:30  Submission of presentation data
12:30-14:00  Clean classrooms, lunch
14:00-15:30  Move to presentation venue (Fukuoka International Congress Center, Main Hall)
16:20-16:30  Team announcement, public judging, opening ceremony
16:30-17:30  Team presentations (Fukuoka International Congress Center, Main Hall)
17:30-17:50  Voting, announcement of results, award ceremony, critique of proposals (Professor Arai, IAUD representatives, etc.)
17:50-18:00  Team announcement, public judging, closing ceremony
18:00-19:30  Break
19:30-21:00  Welcome reception
October 13 (Saturday)
09:00-10:30  Meeting to reflect on the workshop experience in the Multi-Purpose Building (School of Design, Kyushu University)
10:30-11:30  Clean up, return borrowed materials

*The schedule is subject to change due to unavoidable reasons.

Application method

For designers who would like to participate in, please refer to Participation Guide for details.
Outline of Call for Participants

(as of September 18, 2012)
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