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HIH Princess Yohko inaugurated as the Patron of IAUD

Her Imperial Highness Princess Yohko, the second daughter of late Prince Tomohito, was inaugurated as the Patron of IAUD on August 29, 2013. HIH Princess Yohko attended the IAUD's 10th anniversary event on November 21 and gave a message.


New Year Greetings from Chairman of the Board of Directors Shimizu

Happy New Year to everyone. I am Takaaki Shimizu. Last June I assumed office as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors, succeeding the former Chairman Kazuo Okamoto. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude for your support in the past year.

[Updated:January 28, 2016]

IAUD Awards Citations 2015

Prof. Roger Coleman, the chairman of the Selection Committee and Professor Emeritus of the Royal College of Art, commented on each winners.

[Updated:December 22, 2015]


Application Requirements for IAUD Award 2016

IAUD cordially invites you to apply for the awards of excellence in universal design.

[Updated:April 22, 2016]

What We Do

Announcement of the Mobile Information UD Survey

Since it came to the attention of IAUD that the methods and procedures of providing transportation information to commuters and travelers at places like train stations and bus terminals vary from one company to the next, the IAUD Mobile Space Project has been studying the °»seams°… in the crossover from one service to another. To investigate this issue, the IAUD Mobile Space Project prepared the Mobile Information UD Survey as a tool. We are now making the survey available to our members and the public.

[Updated:March 25, 2010]

Making original pictogram "Beware of burns" available for use

pictogram Beware of burnsWe are making available to the public three new pictograms created by the UD Food Project, two pictograms for °»Beware of burns°… and one for °»Beware of steam°…

[Updated:November 26, 2009]

Use of the online version of the IAUD/UD Matrix

We are introducing the concept of the IAUD / UD Matrix and instructions on how to use it to enable people to access and use IAUD / UD Matrix User Information of the Standardization Research Working Group.

[Updated:October 8, 2009]

The IAUD / UD Matrix is now available for use

We have just released Ver.1.10 of the IAUD / UD Matrix. This is an upgrade of Ver.1.00 released in October 2007. We hope members will make use of the new version and we welcome all comments regarding the new version and requests for future versions.

[Updated:February 27, 2009]