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Taro Tamura

Representative, Institute for Human Diversity Japan: Japan

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In 1995, Taro Tamura participated in the creation of the Foreigners' Earthquake Information Center in response to the Hanshin earthquake. From there, he went on to create the Center for Multicultural Information and Assistance. In April, 2004, he became a research editor for the International Institute for Human, Organization and the Earth (IIHOE) and changed the focus of his activities to supporting the management of NPOs and local governments. His work has focused on a private sector point of view towards societal reform. In 2004, Mr. Tamura created the NPO "edge" (Entrance for Designing Global Entrepreneurship) utilizing his own social entrepreneurial experience to help support the efforts of other young social entrepreneurs.

In January, 2007, he founded and became the representative of Diversity Japan. Mr. Tamura is very active in SR research and regularly offers training and advises diversity strategies to communities facing new diversity challenges.

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