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Fumikazu (Fumi) Masuda

Design consultant / Professor, Tokyo Zokei Universityt: Japan


  • Design consultant
  • Professor, Tokyo Zokei University (industrial design & sustainable projects)
  • President, open house inc.
  • Director, LLP Eco Design Institute
  • Representative, o2 Japan
  • Board member; Japan Institute of Design Promotion

Personal History:

Fumi Masuda was born in 1949 at Tokyo, Japan.
After he graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, he has worked for a housing industry and a design firm before setting up his own office as an independent industrial designer in 1978.
For the first half of his career, he has worked mainly on projects for major Japanese industries, including electric home appliances, electronic devices, audio visual equipments, transportations, packages and many other products from various deferent categories. The latter half of his career has been dedicated more to work for local SMEs as a design consultant while studying and teaching at design schools.
Besides working on research projects on "design for sustainability", he is always trying to apply the philosophy and the method to his practical daily works.
He is currently specialized in the field of Design for Sustainability, including Eco-Design, Universal Design, Kids' Design and Design for the cause.
He is hosting "Destination", a series of international design conference of design for sustainability, every year since 2006.

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