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Location : Home Invited Speakers (Overseas) Young-jun Ko
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Young-jun Ko

Professor of Design Dept., Seoul National University of Science and Technology(Seoultech) / Vice President, Korea Society of Science of Design(KSSD): Korea

Young-jun Ko is a professor of design department and the head of universal design program of the Graduate School of NID  Fusion Technology, Seoul National University of Science and Technology(Seoultech).

He made a keynote speech with the title of 'Universal Design in Seoul' at a conference organized by Seoul City government, as well as working as a moderator for Seoul International Universal Design Workshop.

He published a book titled "User Centered Universal Design Methods and Cases" and won an excellent paper award from Korea Society of Science of Design(KSSD).

He designed a power wheelchair based computing system for individuals with severe disability with National Rehabilitation Center Research Institute and proposed an electric bike design concept for multiple users. One of his works was selected for Korea Design Awards from Korea Society of Industrial Designers(KSID).

In addition to getting BFA from Seoultech, he earned MFA, and Ph.D from Rochester Institute of Technology, USA, and Kinki University, Japan respectively.
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