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Francesc Aragall

President, Design for All Foundation : Spain

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Barcelona and Design for All Foundation experiences.

Along the working years we have learned that design solutions should go beyond the problem solving for elderly people and people with disability.

Design for All or Universal Design should focus on HUMAN DIVERSITY and therefore products, environments and services should fulfill de wishes and needs of the maximum range of population.

To say it in other words, the design of the mainstream products and services can not exclude, voluntarily or involuntarily, sectors of users that would need a particular good or service.

There are four strategies that can be used alternatively to guarantee everybody’s access:

  • A solution that is good for all
  • A range of products
  • Customizable products
  • Products that allows the interface with personal technical aids of the users.

Barcelona city, in the development of its Accessibility Plan, have put in to practice that can be perceived in urban furniture, playgrounds, beaches, transport network or administrative services.

Apart of these examples, the Design for All Foundation presents examples of companies that following this concept has made compatible the Design for All approach with profit.

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