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October 23, 2006 (Monday)



Who is “The User as Expert”?

  • Yoshihiko Kawauchi
    Access Project : Japan


Design & Gender: Thinking About Sex

  • Yvonne Lin
    Smart Design : USA


Universal Design: Emerging Empathic Design Research Methodologies

  • Deana McDonagh
    School of Art + Design, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign : USA


Marketing and Inclusive Design:
A New Frontier for Cross-disciplinary Collaboration

  • Akihiro Takamoto
    Graduate School of Management, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University : Japan


Universal Design Identity Program

  • Beth Tauke
    Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access (IDEA), The State University of New York at Buffalo : USA

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S-02Signage and Information 1


Exploring New Approaches for a Remote Usability Testing for Universal Design

  • Tomoko Imai
    UDIT Inc. : Japan


Universal Design for IT and Corporate Management

  • Akihiro Iwazaki


A usability investigation on instant messengers program with UD concept for the elderly

  • Wang-Chin Tsai
    Graduate School of Design, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology : Taiwan


Vocal Village Audioconferencing: A Collaborative SOHO Tool for
Teleworkers with Physical Disabilities

  • Annie Shu Zhen Xu
    University of Toronto : Canada

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S-03Housing 1


Lifetime Orientations in Japan: A Proposal on Evaluation Method and the Present State of Newly Built Residences

  • Wataru Asaine
    Nagoya Institute of Technology : Japan


Housing in Response to the Human Life Cycle

  • Emory Baldwin
    Co-Inside : USA


Universal Design Study utilizing the facility “ATOLIS PARK” where the customers can physically experience both life and house

  • Shiro Ina
    Toyota Housing Corporation : Japan


A Home for All Ages:
A User Assessment of Universal and Flexible Housing Design Criteria

  • Joanne Quinn
    Faculty of the Built Environment, The University of New South Wales : Australia


Architectural Quality in Universal Design – a Study of User Involvement in the Application of Universal Design in Housing Design

  • Camilla Ryhl
    IURD, UC Berkeley : USA

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S-04Medical / Healthcare 1


The Challenge of Creative Universal Design Projects in Collaboration with Disabled People

  • Toshiharu Arai
    Department of Design, Kanazawa College of Art : Japan


Environment and Subjects / Trends of Mobility Vehicles

  • Hideyuki Iwata
    Toyota Development Center I, Toyota Motor Corporation Co.Ltd. : Japan


Physiological Approach to a Desirable Gradient of Longitudinal Slope for All Users

  • Satoshi Muraki
    Research Laboratory of Ergonomics, Faculty of Design, Kyushu University : Japan


Hidden Design: An Inquiry into the Design of Inclusive Environment for the Vision Impaired and Blind in their Learning Environment

  • Sasipan Srivilailuck
    Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual arts, The University of Western Australia : Australia

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S-05Graphic User Interface


Designing the “Adaptive” ATM based on Universal Design

  • Hiroko Akatsu
    Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. / Waseda University : Japan


Users, Interactivity and Reflexivity: Diasporic Reception as a Model of Enhanced Interactivity

  • Pai-Ling Chang
    Vanung University : Taiwan


A Wider Web: Inclusive Web Typography for Low-Vision

  • Peter Freedman
    Dory Designs : USA


Study of Web Usability Problems for Seniors

  • Yuuki Hara
    Design Division, Hitachi, Ltd. : Japan


Universal Design class in elementary school by employee volunteer

  • Shunsuke Kawase
    Corporate Citizenship Department, Hitachi, Ltd. : Japan


Improving Web-Accessibility of Cellular Phone
–User Test of the Voice Browser for Cellular Phone by Visual Disability People–

  • Kaoru Sakai
    User Experience Dept., Design Center, FUJITSU LIMITED : Japan

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S-06Signage and Information 2


SOS Placard in universal use

  • Naotsune Hosono
    Oki Consulting Solutions Co., Ltd. : Japan


The application of Forefinger to signage

  • Akihiko Kato
    Forefinger Project : Japan


Universal design in sightseeing map
Comparison between municipalities of barrier-free map and sightseeing map

  • Haruna Miura
    Tokyo Metropolitan University : Japan


Card with Tactile Identifier
–Kyoyo-Hin Net M & C Project–

  • Hiroko Ohtaguro
    Kyoyo-Hin Net M & C Project : Japan


A study of the information design of barrier-free map based on the field survey

  • Masahito Tsuchiya
    Shonan Institute of Technology : Japan

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S-07Housing 2


New Homes in The Ordinary Housing Stock – Can Universal Design Meet The Needs of Severely Disabled People?

  • Jon Christophersen
    SINTEF Byggforsk : Norway


Housing for Homeless People in Norway
– The Use of UD Principles

  • Karine Denizou
    SINTEF Byggforsk : Norway


Reconsidering Universal Design of Dwellings

  • Satoshi Kose
    Shizuoka University of Art and Culture : Japan


Ageing at Home – are we Prepared?

  • Nancy Spanbroek
    Curtin University of Technology : Australia


Promotion of Universal Design through Human Resource Development by a Housing Manufacturer –SH-UD Master Planner System–

  • Shinji Tanaka
    Heart-ful Living R&D Institute, Sekisui House, LTD. : Japan


Making Public Housing the Home for All
–Singapore’s Experience–

  • Ng Lay Yan
    Housing & Development Board : Singapore

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S-08Medical / Healthcare 2


A Study Environmental Creating Factors of Old Model Nursing Welfare Facilities by
PEAP(part3) –An action of eight institution in Wakayama–

  • Kanako Doi
    Graduate School of System Engineering, Wakayama Univ. : Japan


Everybody Can Play: Including Children without Disabilities in the Design of Pediatric Therapeutic Products

  • Tsai Lu Liu
    Department of Industrial Design, Auburn University : USA


Patient Pathways: Using Universal Design Methods to Take Account of Patient Requirements in Healthcare.

  • Alastair S Macdonald
    The Glasgow School of Art : UK


Clinic full of Universal Design
“Ochanomizu/Inouye Eye Clinic” made User-Friendly by the examination of users

  • Tatsuyoshi Mase
    Powerplace, Inc. : Japan


Universal Design and its recent influence in Health Care

  • Subana Shanmuganathan
    Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University : Japan

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October 24, 2006 (Tuesday)

S-09Industrial Design 1


The Small Design Changes that Make a Big Difference – a Case Study in Packaging Design from the Norwegian Company Jordan

  • Marianne Støren Berg
    KODE Design AS : Norway


A New Designed Polo Shirt for Body

  • Kaoruko Fujita
    Tokyo Metropolitan of Industrial Technology Research Institute : Japan


Consideration to The Convex Signs about Handling Clothes for The Visual Handicapped

  • Susumu Kamata
    Universal Fashion Association : Japan


The Effort of UD in Motor Show Car Fine-X

  • Ryoji Okazaki
    Tokyo Design Div., Toyota Motor Corporation : Japan

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S-10Urban Planning 1


Issues Negatively Influencing the Use of Public Outdoor Built Environment by Older People: A Comparison between Urban, Suburban and Rural UK

  • Vanja Garaj
    SURFACE Inclusive Design Research Centre, The Research Institute for Built and Human Environment (BuHu), The University of Salford : UK


Progress of Making of the Town Barrier-free by "Agreement in Principle" : A Case study of Machizukuri of barrier-free in Takayama City"

  • Hiroka Inokuma
    Department of Socio-Cultural Environmental Studies, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo, (Doctoral Course) : Japan


Universal design: Defining human diversity in spatial planning and impact assessment

  • Kristi Ringard
    Norwegian Ministry of the Environment. : Norway


Equality of Experience: Inclusive Design of Public Open Space

  • Jane Stoneham
    Sensory Trust, Watering Lane Nursery : UK


Universal Design: Recent Developments in Mie Prefecture

  • Makoto Sugisaki
    Mie Prefectural Government : Japan

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S-11Medical / Healthcare 3


Consideration of a Public Facility Design Suitable for Wheelchair Scooter Users

  • Tatsuo Ishibashi
    School of Human Services, Asai Gakuen University : Japan


Safety of Running a Powered-Wheelchair by Voice

  • Kayoko Ishikawa
    Shonan Institute of Technology : Japan


Universal Design Aspect of Human Resource Development Program for Secure Information System Designers
–Case Study on a Customized Medical Care Supporting System Design–

  • Satoshi Ono
    Faculty of Informatics, Kogakuin University : Japan


Clarification of the Functions Required on Walking-support Devices for the Elderly at-Home Whose Care need Levels are Low

  • Toshiko Tada
    Department of Community and Psychiatric Nursing, School of Health Sciences, the University of Tokushima: Japan

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S-12Industrial Design 2


Encouraging Failure

  • Daniel Formosa
    Smart Design : USA


The Fusion of Design and Technology to Improve Quality of Life through Universal Design

  • Benjamin Grosser
    Imaging Technology Group, Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology : USA


Universal Design Models of Development Lifecycle Process

  • Hiroyuki Miki
    HI Lab., OKI Electric Ind. Co., Ltd. : Japan


Universal Plaything: Tangible Toy Interface that Encourages Disabled Children to Learn Through Playing

  • Yutaro Ohashi
    Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University : Japan


Study on Braille Toy Design by Inclusive Design Approach

  • Koji Sakai
    Graduate School of Design, Kyushu University : Japan

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S-13Urban Planning 2


Universal Design of Green Space in Therapeutic Environment

  • Fusayo Asano
    Tokyo University of Agriculture : Japan


Universal Design and Prestigious Architecture

  • Sigmund Asmervik
    The Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Dept. of Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning : Norway


A Study on the Universal Design for Community
–A Case Study of the Okayama Prefecture University and the JR Soja Station Area–

  • Jungsook Park
    Okayama Prefecture University : Japan


Town-center Revitalization through a Mobility Scheme Which Meets Real Human Needs

  • Masaaki Shiraishi
    Japan Productive Aging Research Center : Japan


History and Future of Barrier-Free and Universal Design in Japan –From the Perspectives of Architecture and Town Planning–

  • Gihei Takahashi
    Department of Human Environment Design, Faculty of Human Life Design, Toyo University : Japan

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S-14Concept 1


Concept of the Long Term Usability – Possibility of New Approach for Universal Design

  • Masaya Ando
    The Graduate University for Advanced Studies : Japan


Re-thinking of UD CONCEPT

  • Nobuhiro Asahina
    Chiba University graduate school : Japan


Proposal of a Product Development Approach Based on Expanded UD Concept

  • Wataru Ishikawa
    Graduate School, Chiba University : Japan


User Satisfaction and User Supremacy
–In Relation to ISO20282–

  • Masaaki Kurosu
    National Institute of Multimedia Education : Japan


Tentative Assumption of “Second Generation Universal Design” based on the User’s Senses

  • Koichi Sakaguchi
    User Science Institute, Kyushu University : Japan

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S-15Industrial Design 3


Designing for Diversity or Designing for All

  • Renato Bispo
    The University of Aveiro / Rua Abade Faria : Portugal


Practical Steps for Incorporating Globalization and Accessibility Techniques into Product Development Cycles

  • Chris Hass
    American Institutes for Research : USA


Examples of Evaluations Conducted during Development of a User-friendly Refrigerator

  • Kenji Ido
    Toshiba Corporation : Japan


About The Development Process for Double Screen Universal Design Mobile Phones

  • Yoshinobu Nakamura
    NTT DoCoMo, Inc. : Japan


Human Universal design

  • Yoshikazu Watanabe

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S-16Urban Planning 3


Universal Design in Development Planning

  • Olav Bringa
    Norwegian Ministry of the Environment : Norway


On Way-finding through Stations’ Floorscapes:
Using Playability as an Inclusive Design Criterion

  • Ana Luz
    The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London : UK


On the Detail of the Street as a Barrier-free Network by GIS

  • Kazunari Tanaka
    Osaka Institute of Technology : Japan


Universal Accessibility – the Challenge We Face in Designing the External Areas in Hong Kong

  • Lilian L H Yu
    Architectural Services Department, the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China : China

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S-17Concept 2


Action, Function, and Meaning from Affordance:
An Empirical Study for the Universal Design Products

  • Li-Hao Chen
    Graduate School of Design, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology : Taiwan


The Concept of Universal Design through Overseas Institutions and Japanese Manufacturers’ Perspectives

  • Nermin Elokla
    Faculty of Design, Kyushu University : Japan


Product Safety and Universal Design

  • Nobuko Hatakenaka
    Research Institute of Human Engineering for Quality of Life : Japan


A New Concept and Its Methods of Designing with Ordinary citizens "Design for OURSELVES"

  • Naoaki Nippashi
    Department of Design and Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Chiba University: Japan


Development of a Universal System Design:
Developing a Health-Medical-Welfare Service Model in an IT Social Environment

  • Yoichi Tao
    CPD Center, Kogakuin University and Senior Advisor, Secom Co., Ltd. : Japan

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S-18Housing Appliances


Research of kitchen arrangement tendency based on the usability of the elders

  • Ming-Shih Chen
    Department of Industrial Design, Tunghai University : Taiwan


Living Independently – Inspirational Kitchen and Bathroom Design for Older People

  • Rama Gheerawo
    The Helen Hamlyn Research Centre, Royal College of Art : UK


Usability Survey on IH Cooking Heater
from the Viewpoint of the Visually Impaired People

  • Kaori Izumida
    Shiki Service Center, Saitama Branch, TEPCO : Japan


Development of a kitchen in consideration of sitting users

  • Yumiko Katsukawa
    TOTO LTD. : Japan


Inclusive Konro – Improving Kitchen Stoves in Japan

  • Chris McGinley
    Helen Hamlyn Research Centre, Royal College of Art : UK

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S-19Various Building Types 1


Endeavoring to Influence Museum Design

  • Letitia Upton Brown
    Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, de Young Museum : USA


Case study of University campus design process including participation of users with various physical conditions
–Consensus building and Evaluation on Tactile Tiles–

  • Yuji Matsuda
    University of Tokyo : Japan


Museum Design as – the House of Human being

  • Hiroshi Minamishima
    Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto : Japan


Hapticity as a Modern Design Approach in Architecture

  • Lisa Ann Pasquale
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute : USA

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S-20Concept 3


Study of Qualitative Design Process
–Helen Hamlyn Research Associates Programme as case study–

  • Yasuyuki Hirai
    Faculty of Design, Kyushu University : Japan


Study on people’s awareness of universal design
–Stylish universal design–

  • Masayoshi Kubo
    Department of Design Engineering and Management, Kyoto Institute of Technology : Japan


Universal (Design Of) Performance Art:
Changing Local Performance to Global Art

  • Harry Kurniawan
    Center for Universal Design and “Diffabilities” (CUDD), Departement of Architecture and Planning, Gadjah Mada University,Yogyakarta : Indonesia


Fashion Equality: An Overview of Equality Design

  • Makoto Miyoshi
    Archirapt First Grade Architects’ Studio, Ltd. : Japan


Human Design: The Changing Role of Design and Museum Exhibitions

  • Sachiko Uozumi
    Foundation of Design Symbiosis : USA

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S-21Housing 3


House Remodelling for Self-Supported Lives
from Physically Challenged Person’s Point of View

  • Wataru Asaine
    Nagoya Institute of Technology : Japan


Applicability of Home Bathroom Environment from the Viewpoint of Elder User

  • Ming Shih Chen
    Department of Industrial Design, Tunghai University : Taiwan


The basic motion characteristics according to the behaviour of residential living for Korean wheelchair users

  • Min Gyeong Kim
    Department of architectural and environmental engineering, Hanyang University : Korea


Universal Bathroom “U-BATH”

  • Beata Lupinska
    Humanu Design : Poland


A good point of the layout that a Japanese house has

  • Satoshi Yokota
    Freelance : Japan

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S-22Various Building Types 2


Access Audit of Hospital Putrajaya, Malaysia

  • Asiah Abdul Rahim
    International Islamic University Malaysia : Malaysia


Study on Standardization of Public Restroom Hand-Operated Fixture Layout

  • Hiroyuki Kawano
    Universal Design Research Center, TOTO Ltd. : Japan


Building for Everyone – Merging of Visions
An information challenge in Norway

  • Tone Ronnevig
    National Office of Building Technology and Administration : Norway


Comprehensive Assessment Systems of Universal Design Achievements for Offices

  • Hidekazu Sawada
    Institute of Technology, Shimizu Corporation : Japan


Practice of Universal Design in the Workplace
–Development of “Universal Design Workplace Practical Guide” at Fujitsu–

  • Shinobu Utamura
    Fujitsu Limited : Japan

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S-23Concept 4


Designing to Live: The Value of Inclusive + Universal Design

  • Ricardo Gomes
    San Francisco State University : USA


Can We Agree on Accessibility and Usability Level in the Global Context?
A Struggle toward Establishing International Standards

  • Satoshi Kose
    Shizuoka University of Art and Culture : Japan


Universal Design or Inclusive Design?
The Future of Design for All

  • Satoshi Kose
    Shizuoka University of Art and Culture : Japan


Universal design as a strategy in the making and implementation of government policy

  • Einar Lund
    Department of Regional Planning, Ministry of Environment : Norway


Universal Design Awareness Survey in Taiwan

  • Yuhsiu Yang
    Taiwan Design Center : Taiwan

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October 25, 2006 (Wednesday)

S-24Industrial Design 4


Universal Design of Mitsubishi’s Machine-Room-Less Elevator “AXIEZ”

  • Hideto Iwamoto
    Industrial Design Center, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation : Japan


The Universal Design Approach Embodied in MFPs

  • Yuko Komamiya
    Design Department, TOSHIBA TEC CORPORATION : Japan


Really? Elevators that Automatically Recognize Visually Impaired Users!

  • Taei Kubota
    User Experience Research Department, Design Division, Hitachi, Ltd. : Japan


Determining How Best to Improve Usability Based on the Results of Package UD Diagnosis

  • Yuta Nakai
    Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. : Japan


Exploring Desirable and Avoidable Product Qualities for a Universal Design Easy Chair

  • Elin Olander
    Industrial Design, Department of Design Sciences, Lund University / The Vårdal Institute, Lund University : Sweden

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S-25Evaluation Criteria 1


A National Labeling System for Accessibility in the Tourist Industry – and How To Obtain It

  • Randi Roed Andersen
    Health and Social Affairs, The Delta Centre : Norway


Creation of a Tool for Universal Design Development Evaluation UD-Checker Creation and Examples of Use

  • Kumiko Sawada
    Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Industrial Design Center : Japan


Evaluation Method for Usability of Instruction Manuals

  • Yuka Miyashita
    Nissan Motor Company Limited : Japan


Web Accessibility Through Open Source CMS

  • Shinya Yamamoto
    NTT DATA Corporation : Japan

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S-26Users' Viewpoint


Hirameki : The Chance To Meet Intuition and Inspiration
- Japanese Way Of Thinking for Universal Design-

  • Kanae Cho
    Japan Universal Fashion Association : Japan


Promoting Worldwide Awareness of the Importance of Kyoyo-Hin Activities
–Kyoyo-Hin Net Activities–

  • Nobuaki Mochizuki
    Kyoyo-Hin Net : Japan


The World-Aiming for Universal City Kobe!
The Universal Design is ‘Bridge in mind’

  • Shigekazu Nakamura
    Kobe UD Hiroba : Japan


The Real World of Universal Design

  • Toga Kikuyo
    Putihausu Nana(proprietorship) : Japan

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S-27Airport Design


Introduction of Universal Design into Chubu International Airport Terminal Building Approach Concerning Provision of Space Information Using Architectural Design

  • Toshiaki Hara
    Kajima Corporation : Japan


What impact did the Universal Design Approach bring about to the Facility Management of Terminal Building of Chubu International Airport?

  • Akikazu Kato
    Toyohashi University of Technology : Japan


The universal information design at the airports in Japan

  • Keiichi Koyama
    i Design inc. : Japan


Introduction of Universal Design into Chubu International Airport Terminal Building Participation of User Representatives

  • Yasunori Morisaki
    Len Architectual Design Association : Japan


Experimental Application of a Real Image Based Text-to-Sign Synthesizing Engine for an Airport Announcement System

  • Yusuke Suzuki
    Oki Electric Industry Co.,Ltd. : Japan

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S-28Evaluation Criteria 2


Improving Usability through Evaluations from the Customer’s Perspective

  • Hatsumi Hatakeyama
    CS Evaluation Center, Toshiba Corporation : Japan


User Assessment for the Formation of Assessment Indicators In Universal Design
Study 3 Regarding Assessment on Design and Establishment of a Diagnosing System

  • Kanji Kato
    User Science Institute, The Kyushu University : Japan


Study of Utilization of an Element Matrix for Elderly-friendly Manufacturing

  • Jun Nakayama
    Osaka Industrial Design Center : Japan


Evaluating Universal Design quantitatively Universal Design degree of a cellular phone

  • Risa Tokutani
    Faculty of Systems Engineering, Wakayama University : Japan

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S-29Citizen Involvement


Toward “Residents-friendly Street”
In the process of developing “A Safe and Secured Community” and constructing “Fureai Doori Street (The Street for promotion of residents’ commnication) ”

  • Misako Kinoshita
    Association for Universal Design-based Community Development : Japan


Approaches for Cultivating Young Minds for Universal Design Fukushima’s Undertakings and Report of the 2005 Boston Study Program for Universal Design

  • Tokiko Konno
    The Board of Education : Japan


The Book of Visible Sound 'Otomihon' as a Tool to Virtually Experience the World with and without Sound

  • Eiko Mizuno
    Kyoyo-Hin Net : Japan


A Venue for a Dialog between Business and Consumers

  • Eiji Okada
    Non-profit organization Kyoyohin Kenkyukai Kansai : Japan


Improving the Information Guarantee at Workplaces
–Development of an In-Company Education Course of the PC Note-Take–

  • Koji Yoshimoto
    User Experience Dept., Design Center, FUJITSU LIMITED : Japan

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S-30Automobile Design and Public Transportation


Avoiding Crashes: Older Drivers and Sports Cars

  • Daniel Formosa
    Smart Design : USA


Toward the Universal Design of BRT Identity Systems: Ensuring usability for all

  • Alex Bitterman
    School of Design, Rochester Institute of Technology : USA


The HMI development for the navigation systems

  • Shunsuke Kobayashi
    Toyota Mortor Corporation : Japan


Concept of Universal Design and Innovation in Occupant Seat Design for Vehicle Compartment Space

  • Nanako Nakagawa
    Design div., Toyota Boshoku Corporation : Japan


Travel Information System for Mobile Phones

  • Marcela Wainstein
    Accessibility Research Group, University College London : UK

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S-31UD Education 1


Beyond Ergonomics to Desirability –the Challenge workshop model for inclusive design knowledge transfer to designers and industry

  • Julia Cassim
    Senior Research Fellow, Helen Hamlyn Research Centre, Royal College of Art : UK


“Universal Design a common language to connect disciplines into successful design teams”

  • Robert Lederer
    Industrial Design Division, Faculty of Arts, University of Alberta : Canada


From inclusive user research processes to universal design outputs: the cases of an inclusive design education programme

  • Yanki Lee
    The Helen Hamlyn Research Centre, Royal College of Art : UK


An Inclusive Aesthetic Model for Ageing Societies

  • Alastair S Macdonald
    The Glasgow School of Art : UK


Current Practice of Universal Fashion in University/College Education

  • Kimiko Sugino
    Sugino Fashion College : Japan

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S-32Ergonomics / Human Factors 1


Human-Life-Engineered Approaches to Universal Design

  • Akio Ishimoto
    Research Institute of Human Engineering for Quality of Life : Japan


Efforts at Universal Design in Development of GUI for Monitoring and Control Systems

  • Yosoko Nishizawa
    Toshiba Corporation : Japan


Vertical pitch of pushbuttons and operability of small cell phones with the thumb – From the viewpoint of universal design –

  • Yoshika Nubuhiro
    Graduate School of Design, Kyushu University : Japan


Beyond Universal Design: Challenges to Design Cellular Phones to be More Desirable

  • Kei Tomioka
    Toshiba Corporation : Japan


Research of Usage Trends from Usage Records and Design of Button Layouts Based on Usage Trends

  • Kouichi Yoshida
    Graduate School of Wakayama University : Japan

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S-33Information System


Readability of Characters: What Visual Acuity Does and Does Not Explain

  • Masami Funakawa
    Nissan Research Center, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. : Japan


A Variety of Means for Supplying Information to Users Under Different Conditions –Verification of signature plan–

  • Hitomi Hagino
    i Design inc. : Japan


Guiding Signs for Subway-passengers Keeping Step with Ageing

  • Toyoshiro Nakamura
    REI industrial designers Incorporated : Japan


Elevator Control Panel Display for People with Hearing Disabilities

  • Kazuhiko Nakao
    Design Center, Toshiba Corporation : Japan


A study on size and design elements of floor sign in public space

  • Aiko Shimizu
    Wakayama University : Japan

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S-34UD Education 2


Universal Design within an Integrated Studio Approach

  • Joshua Lall
    Cohos Evamy: Canada


The Construction and Proposal of Educational Universal Design Guideline

  • Kazuki Masuda
    Graduate School of Science and Technology, Chiba University : Japan


Issues of an Education and a Training for Promoting Users' Participation

  • Naoki Sakakibara
    UDIT Incorporated : Japan


A Study on Education Strategies of Barrier-Free Environment from the View of Universal Design

  • Fang-Cheng Tarng
    Free Universe Education Foundation : Taiwan


Universal Camp Leads for Expanding Realizations and Possibilities

  • Sanae Uchiyama
    NPO Universal Event Association, c/o UD Japan : Japan

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S-35Ergonomics / Human Factors 2


Impairing Designers: Using Calibrated Physical Restrainers to Empathise With Users

  • Carlos Cardoso
    Engineering Design Centre, University of Cambridge : UK


The Physique and Body-Shape Feature of the Advanced Age Woman for the Clothes Design for Advanced Age Women

  • Kenji Iwasaki
    Tokyo Metoropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute : Japan


User Analysis Method Combined Operation-log and Interview and Application for Product Development

  • Atsuko Kuramochi
    One-of-a-Kind Products Planning Group, SHARP Co. / Graduate School of Systems Engineering, Wakayama University : Japan


Universal Design Index Based on Human Characteristics and Application to Vehicle

  • Takamori Yogo
    Second Vehicle Performance Division, Toyota Motor Corporation : Japan

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