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Francesc Aragall i Clavé

President, Design for All Foundation : Spain

Regional Planning / Accessibility

Barcelona 1960. He is a graduate in therapeutic pedagogy from the University of Barcelona. He has developed his career in ergonomics, biomechanics, accessibility, and Design for All, a concept which has been spread throughout Europe through the European Institute for Design and Disability (EIDD), of which he was the President (from 1998 to 2001).

During the period of construction of the installations destined for the 1992 Olympic Games, he was responsible for urban accessibility, transport, and technical assistance of the Barcelona City Council until 1993 when he assumed the management of the Consorci de Recursos i Documentació per a l’Autonomia Personal (CRID).

Presently, he is a Lecturer of various Master and Doctorate courses at the University of Barcelona and Lisbon, member of the Committee for the Promotion of Accessibility and Withdrawal of Architectural Barriers of the Generalitat de Catalunya, member of the Barcelona City Council Accessibility Working Group, Patron of the Barcelona Centro de Disseny (BCD), General Director of ProAsolutions and the Founder and the President of the Design for All Foundation.


  • Accessibility manual for beaches for the Barcelona region (2001).
  • From the City without barriers to the City for All (2002).
  • From the Accessibility Plan to the City for All (2003).
  • European Concept for Accessibility (ECA), version 2003.
  • Barcelona, June 2006

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