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October 31, 2010 (Sunday)

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Poster Session 1


The Study for a Method to Realize Bathing without the Aid of Machine Tools in Care Facilities: The Environment, the Care and the Satisfaction Level at the Facilities Practicing Bathing by Individual Bathtubs

  • Tatsuyoshi Mase
  • Universal Design Institute of Architecture: Japan


StreetLab — A Design Research Approach Exploring Future Technologies with Children from Different Cultural Backgrounds

  • Gesche Joost
  • Technical University of Berlin: Germany


Model Based Control of Infant Behavior for Kid's Design

  • Koji Nomori
  • Waseda University, Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology: Japan


Quantitative Risk Assessment of Childhood Injury Due to Product Use in Daily Environment

  • Yoshinori Koizumi
  • Tokyo University of Science, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology: Japan


Social Independence for Persons with Severe Physical Disabilities and Universal Design

  • Setsuo Hoshika
  • National Vocational Rehabilitation Center: Japan


The Viewpoint of the User as 'Receiver' —Trigger to Link the Relationship between the Creator and the User—

  • Kanae Cho
  • The Japan society for the study of initiative: Japan


Evaluation of Universal Design Methods from People's Perspectives

  • Nermin Elokla
  • Faculty of Design, Kyushu University: Japan


User Experience and Innovative Product Design Process —A Universal Design Workshop for the Design of a Multi-Function Printer (MFP)—

  • Yasuyuki Hirai
  • Faculty of Design, Kyushu University: Japan


Involvement of Visually Impaired Individuals in Our Design Business

  • Kazuhiro Kawashima
  • NEC Design & Promotion, Ltd.: Japan


Putting the UD (universal design) Monitors We Organize to Use During Product Development

  • Kazuhiko Yamaoka
  • NEC Design & Promotion, Ltd.: Japan


Discussion on the Sustainable Management of Shanghai's Shikumen Alleyway Housing Culture

  • Kuo-chieh Chen
  • Kang-Ning Junior College of Medical Care and Management TW: Taiwan


Human and Ecological Health: The case of a UK Small Business

  • Nicholas A. Hall
  • University of Salford: U.K.


Cooking Activities for Universal Design -Support for Cooking Activities for the Elderly and People with Disabilities-

  • Hiromi Tazaki
  • Shizuoka Welfare University: Japan


Development of a "Universal Design" Font with Blur Tolerance (1): A Comparison of the Readability of Ming, Gothic, and "Universal Design" Typefaces

  • Yasushi Nakano
  • Keio University: Japan


Development of a "Universal Design" Font with Blur Tolerance (2): A Comparison of the Legibility of Ming, Gothic, and "Universal Design" Typefaces

  • Tetsuya Arai
  • Keio University: Japan


Development of a "Universal Design" Font with Blur Tolerance (3): A Comparison of the Legibility of Gothic Typeface and a UD Font

  • Ryo Yamamoto
  • Keio University: Japan


Medicine Bag for All Including the Elderly

  • Chang-Franw Lee
  • Professor, Dept. of Industrial Design Graduate Institute of NYUST: Taiwan


Development of carry bag that uses inclusive design workshop' (Approach that advances universal design from spread to practice)

  • Kazuhiko Kawai
  • NPO. E&C Shzuoka: Japan


Consistent Interface for Fitness Equipment

  • T. K. Philip Hwang
  • Associate Professor, Dept. of Industrial Design, National Taipei University of Technology: Taiwan


Extended Usability of the Shower Area. Development of a New Shower System with Universal Design and Empirical Methods

  • Sabrina Masal
  • Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg: Austria


Universal Design Spingit For The Five Senses; MADEI Village Consideration Promotion Business

  • Miho Togashi
  • the non|-profit Universal Design-Yui: Japan


Building for Equal Participation with Competent Municipalities

  • Tone Rønnevig
  • National office and Building Technology and Administration: Norway


Squatting Supermarkets. A New Paradigm of Shopping Toward the Construction of a Sustainable Future

  • Federico Ruberti
  • FakePress, Italy : Italy


Research for Design of Visual Guiding in MRT Taipei Main Station, Taiwan

  • Yu-Ta Chen
  • Graduate Student, The Department of Industrial Design, Tatung University: Taiwan


Exploring the Seating Demand of Older People's Daily Journey

  • T. K. Philip Hwang
  • College of Design, National Taipei University of Technology: Taiwan


Evaluation of Floor Slipperiness Using Dynamic Coefficient of Friction for Universal Design Building

  • Tatsuya Furuichi
  • Okayama University of Science: Japan


Using Visioning Techniques to Design Inclusive Walking and Cycling Environments in 2030

  • Rita Newton
  • SURFACE Inclusive Design Research Centre, University of Salford: U.K.

November 1, 2010 (Monday)

Poster Session 2


The Implementation of Universal Design Principles Towards A Sustainable Interior

  • Yusita Kusumarini
  • Petra Christian University: Indonesia


The Effects of Emotion on Plant Graphics in Medical Environment from the Perspective of Universal Design

  • Yu-Chia Chen
  • Department of Industrial Design, Tunghai University: Taiwan


Achieving Completeness in Outpatient Pediatric Perioperative Nursing Care

  • Shur-Fen Wang
  • Graduate student, Institute of Nursing, Central Taiwan University of Science and Technolog: Taiwan


Research of Tools and Equipment to Support the Walking Handicapped -1-

  • Yasuo Honma
  • Sojo University: Japan


On the Database and the Routing System for Pedestrian in Public Space

  • Kazunari Tanaka
  • Osaka Institute of Technology: Japan


Spontaneous Inventions: Do-It-Yourself Assistive Devices to Improve Independence

  • Ana Correia de Barros
  • UTAD – UNIDCOM/IADE, Av. D. Carlos I : Portugal


Quality of Living Space: Exploratory Factor Analysis of Physically Handicapped Persons

  • Yi-Ching Liu
  • Tungnan University: Taiwan


The Relation between Moving Direction of Mobility Scooter and Eye Fixation Behavior of User

  • Moto Nishioka
  • Graduate school of Human Life Science, Osaka City University: Japan


UD for Housing

  • Mutsumi Saitoh
  • Koriyama Medical Cooperative Society Kuwano Helper Station: Japan


Approach and the Verification in Condominium Development Business to Universal Design by Private Company

  • Toshiyuki Atsumi
  • Atelier WASHOW Atsumi Associates: Japan


A Study on the Interaction between Parameters of Seats and Its Effects on Sitting Comfort

  • Kuen-meau Chen
  • National United University Taiwan ROC: Taiwan


Evaluating "Effective" Index of Difficulty Calculation Methods in Fitts' Law

  • Hidehiko Okada
  • Kyoto Sangyo University: Japan


Development of a Brochure for Designing Child-Friendly Products

  • Yukie Motomiya
  • User Experience Research Department, Design Division, Hitachi, Ltd.: Japan


The Study of Tridimensional Map Cognition in Public Exhibition Spaces

  • Ming-Shih Chen
  • Tunghai University: Taiwan


The Proposition of the Visual Symbol Communication System which Utilizes Pictograms

  • Fumihiro Hayashi
  • Office SlowLife/ Rihabilitation Dept., Yukikai Hospital: Japan


An Investigation for Simplification of Information Design for the Roadmap of Douliou City

  • Kuang-Chih Lo
  • Graduate School of Design Doctoral Program, NYUST, 123 University Road, Section 3: Taiwan


Project MINA: Designing Multimedia Resources to Improve the Nutrition of Bangladeshi Immigrants in the United Kingdom

  • Vanja Garaj
  • School of Engineering and Design, Brunel University: U.K.


Production of ʻCommunication Support Cardsʼand ʻDental Communication Support Boardʼ

  • Reiko Sato
  • The non-profit organization Universal Design-Yui: Japan


Universal Design in GPRIME Local Government Service System

  • Ko Akashi
  • NEC Corporation Community Solutions Division: Japan


Colour and Inclusivity: a Visual Communication Design Project with Older People

  • Fernando Moreira da Silva
  • CIAUD – Research Centre in Architecture, Urban Planning and Design, Faculty of Architecture: Portugal


New Generation PRIUS HMI

  • Hirotake Sano
  • Toyota Motor Corporation Electronics Engineering Div: Japan


Adapting a Universal Design Perspective to the Development of Carseats

  • Akiyuki Kimizuka
  • Design Division, Toyota Boshoku Corporation: Japan


Simulations: Hands-on Education as a Spatial Learning Tool

  • Andrew Phillip Payne
  • Savannah College of Art and Design: USA


Disability in Afghanistan and the Barrier Full Environments

  • Abdul Khaliq Zazai
  • Accessibility Organization for Afghan Disabled (AOAD): Afghanistan


The Local Activation Project of Atami City: To the person who visits and the inhabitant aiming at attractive Atami

  • Shuji Tatsumi
  • Tourism Economic Division Tourism Section of Atami City: Japan

November 2, 2010 (Tuesday)

Miscellaneous Poster Session

*This session is for papers not accepted by the reviewers of this Conference.


Exploration of the Educational Evaluation and Attitude in Photography Class

  • Sin-Ho Chin
  • Media Design Department of Tatung University in Taiwan: Taiwan


Detecting Eyelid Motion for Supporting Communication with ALS Patient

  • Toshihiro Kawai
  • : Japan


A Research with Household Cooking Appliances of General Rules from Universal Design

  • Ming-shih Chen
  • Tunghai University: Taiwan


The Study of Bus Stops Information Transmission

  • Ming-shih Chen
  • Tunghai University, Department of Industrial Design: Taiwan


Graphical Manual Design for Users of DIY Products

  • Ming-Chin Chiang
  • Ph.D. Program of Design Science, Tatung University: Taiwan


Reduces Two to be Hospitalized the Surgery Sickness Switching Time

  • Shur-Fen Wang
  • Institute of Nursing, Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology: Taiwan


A Trial on Design Exercises from the Viewpoint of Alternative Perception

  • Yasuhiko Yunoki
  • Tohoku University of Art and Design: Japan


Promotion for Universal Design with IW2

  • Akihiro Iwazaki
  • FUJITSU DESIGN Ltd.: Japan


User-Centered Design: A Study on the Occurrence Process, Development and Deployment

  • Maziar Rezai
  • Independent: Iran


Accessibility Requirements in Public Procurement in Sweden

  • Sigrid Pettersen
  • Nordic School of Public Health (NHV): Sweden


Innovation in Visualisation of Biomechanical Data to Assist Inclusive Therapeutic Rehabilitation: Scotland/Japan GBSF Discussions

  • Alastair S. Macdonald
  • The Glasgow School of Art, Scotland: U.K.

As of October 5, 2010
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