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Keiji Yamada

Governor, Kyoto Prefecture : Japan

Community Manegement

Born in Sumoto City, Hyogo Prefecture in 1954.
Words to live by: “Treasure every counter, for it will never recur.”
His motto is “Nothing is useless in life.” (He reminds himself of this word whenever he gets in trouble.)

After graduating from Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo in 1977, Mr. Yamada entered Ministry of Home Affairs (present Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications). After holding positions of Director at Wakayama Prefecture General Affairs Division, Director of Kochi Prefecture General Affairs Department Local Finance Division, Deputy Director at Administrative Affairs Bureau Local Administration Division of Ministry of Home Affairs, Director of Cabinet Legislation Bureau, Director of National Land Agency Land Bureau Land Information Division, Director of Kyoto Prefecture General Affairs Department, and Vice Governor of Kyoto Prefecture, he is now in his second term as Governor of Kyoto Prefecture after taking office in 2002.
He also experienced overseas assignment in San Francisco as Deputy Secretary General of Japan National Tourist Organization San Francisco Office for three years from 1985.

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