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Mamoru Tsuchino

Mayor, Takayama City : Japan

Community Management

Born in 1936.
Graduated from Political Science Department, Faculty of Law No.2 Division, Chuo University.
Has been serving as the mayor of Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture since he assumed the post on September 4, 1994. He is now in his fourth term in office.
His basic belief is “Never forget to get back to the basics.”

After holding positions at Ministry of Home Affairs, Hokkaido Government and Okinawa Development Agency Okinawa General Bureau, and of Director for Management Improvement Division of Niigata Prefectural Government Bureau of Public Enterprise, Director for Secretariat of the Minister of Home Affairs, Deputy Director-General of Cabinet Secretariat Office for Domestic Politics, and Director for Home Affairs Minister’s Secretariat, Mr. Tsuchiya retired from the Ministry of Home Affairs in 1990. Since then, he has served as Advisor at Japan Center for Local Autonomy and President of Land Development Public Corporation of Takayama City, and is in his fourth term as Mayor of Takayama City after taking office in September, 2004.

Public services:

  • Jun. 2006 - Council Member of Japan Association of City Mayors (Vice Chairman of Public Finance Department Committees)
  • Aug. 2005 - Chairman of Standing Committee on National Parks, Japan Association of City Mayors
  • Feb. 2005 - Management Advisory Board Member at Pension Fund Association for Local Government Officials
  • Jul. 1997 - Vice President of National Council on Forests for Basking
  • Jul. 1997 - Vice President of National Association of Liaison and Consultation for Snowing Cities
  • Sep. 1994 - Vice President of National Committee for Preservation Districts for Groups of Historic Buildings

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