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Yoko Takahashi

President, Japan Philanthropic Association : Japan

Civic Activities

Born in Okayama prefecture.

Graduated from Department of International and Cultural Studies, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Tsuda College in 1973.

Became a part-time lecturer of Chiyoda Jyogakuen Senior High School in 1980.

Certified as special counselor upon completing Counsellor Education Course in the Counseling Institute of Sophia University in 1985, and engaged in the counseling of students, teachers and parents as a psychological counselor in Kanto Gakuin Junior & Senior High School until 1991.

Joined Japan Philanthropic Association in 1991.

Assumed the post of President in June 2001 after experiencing the posts of Secretary General and Standing Director.

Books edited

  • “Philanthropy Nyumon (Introduction to Philanthropy)” (Kainan Shobo)
  • “Rokuju-sai Karano Iki Iki Volunteer Nyumon (Introduction to Active Volunteer- ing from 60 years old” (Nihon Kajo Shuppan)
  • “Shakai Kouken e Youkoso (Welcome to Social Contribution)” (Kyuryudo Publishing)

Major public services

  • Guest Professor at Chukyo Women’s University Communication Research Institute
  • Director for “Machi Mirai Chiyoda” Foundation
  • Director for Atmark Inter-highschool
  • Councilor for TSUDAJUKUKAI
  • Councilor for Tokyo Council of Social Welfare
  • Councilor for Corporate Social Responsibility Forum
  • Management Advisory Committee Member at Integrex Inc.
  • Member of the 6th Council on Lifelong Learning Tokyo
  • Steering Committee Member of Tokyo Zen-I Bank

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