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Yukika Sohma

President, Association for Aid and Relief / Elected Vice Chair, Ozaki Yukio Memorial Foundation : Japan

Peace / Safety / International Contribution

Born on the 26th of January in 1912. Daughter of Yukio Ozaki (1858-1954, called "father of parliamentary democracy in Japan".)

Established Association for Aid and Relief (AAR Japan - formerly, Association to Aid Indochinese Refugees, a Non-Governmental Organization providing emergency assistance, assistance to people with disabilities, and mine action, among other operations) in 1979. Elected Vice Chair of Ozaki Yukio Memorial Foundation. Actively engaged in promoting democratic governance, spreading philosophy of peace, and educating men and women with global vision and commitment. ICBL (International Campaign to Ban Landmines) in which AAR participated as a coordinator with likeminded non-governmental organizations shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Jody Williams in 1997.

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