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Toshimitsu Sadamura

President & CEO, GA-TAP Corp. : Japan

Public Transportation / Industrial Design

Part-time lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering, Yamaguchi University; Chairperson of the Fukuoka Designer League Steering Committee; Vice-President of the Japan Sign Design Association; Member of the Japan Society for the Science of Signs; and Member of the Asia Townscape Design Society

Specialist in environment design and communication design

GA-TAP, the company Toshimitsu Sadamura represents, is characterized by the total design approach afforded by its multidisciplinary designers working in fields such as architecture, graphics, products and copywriting, and mainly engages in environment-related and communicated-related design.
Designed by GA-TAP and opened in 2005, the Nanakuma Subway Line in Fukuoka, which involved development of a total design including aspects such as architectural design of the stations, sign planning and equipment design, and realized universal design throughout, won numerous prizes including the Cabinet Office Award for Individuals making Distinguished Contributions to Promotion of the Barrier Free Concept, a Good Design Award and the SDA Minister of Trade, Economy, Trade and Industry Award. Apart from public transportation, GA-TAP has been involved in numerous total designs and universal designs for institutions such as banks and hospitals, and this year, its environment design for the pediatric ward at Kyushu University won a Good Design Special Award and the SDA Grand Prize. Universal Design for Public Transportation, which reports on development of the design for the Nanakuma Subway Line in detail, has been published by Sendenkaigi Co., Ltd.

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