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Lauri Repokari

Research Manager, BIT Research Centre Decode Research Group Helsinki University of Technology : Finland


Mr. Repokari received a master's degree from the Department of Psychology Cognitive Science) at University of Helsinki and a Licentiate of technology in Department of Computer Science at the Helsinki University of Technology. Mr. Repokari started his carrier as an entrepreneur and joined academia in 1997. His main areas of expertise are human-computer interaction, cognitive ergonomics/requirements, small display user interfaces and usability. Mr. Repokari has published over 30 international review publications in conferences and journals and has being in charge of over 15 research projects as well as over 30 industrial R&D projects. Typical outcomes in these projects, in addition to scientific results, have been product concepts or enhancements. Since 2003 Mr. Repokari is a Research Manager at HUT and is currently responsible of multidisciplinary DeCoDE (Design Collaboration in Product Development) research group.

In IDBM (International Design Business Management program Mr. Repokari has been leading several R&D student projects for international companies.

Mr. Repokari has a passion to develop multicultural and multidisciplinary collaboration in product development. This work consists of R&D teaching and coaching of international student groups and management of research activities with universities and international companies in three continents.

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