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Yayoi Okawa, M.D.

Director, Department of Functioning Activation, National Institute for Longevity Sciences, National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology : Japan

Medical / Assistive Care

After graduating from the Graduate School of Medicine, Kurume University in 1982, Dr. Okawa became a resident (later instructor) of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of the University of Tokyo Hospital. In 1992, she became a lecturer (later assistant professor) of Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of Teikyo University School of Medicine. In 1997, she was appointed the director of the Research Department for the Care of the Aged of the National Institute for Longevity Sciences (changed to the current name due to reorganization in 2004).

Major books
New Rehabilitation – Challenges to “Restoration of Human Rights” (Kodansha Gendai Shinsho, Kodansha, 2004)
Services of “National Insurance for Long-term Care” and Rehabilitation – Philosophy and Technology for Independence Support based on ICF (Chuohoki Publishers, 2004)

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