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Yoshisuke Miyake

Landscape Architect : Japan

Landscape Design

Born in 1947.
He is a graduate of the Department of Landscape Architecture of the Harvard University Graduate School of Design.
He is currently working at PODinc. (California) and is a representative director of SEN Inc.
He is an RLA (registered landscape architect), an engineer (city and rural planning), and a first-class licensed architect.
He has won numerous awards, including the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture Award and the Ron Mace Designing for the 21st Century Award (Universal Design Award).

Selected designs:
“Symbolic Zone” of Rinku Park, “Sensory Garden” of Oizumi Ryokuchi Park, “Ibukino Sono Garden” of Kansai Rsosai Hospital, and others.

Selected publications:
“Hito ni Yasashii Koen Zukuri (Creating People-Friendly Parks)”,  “Yasuragi to Midori no Koen Zukuri

 (Creating Verdant and Peaceful Parks)” and others.

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