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Lars Lindberg

Deputy Director, Ministry of Health and Social Affairs : Sweden


Lars Lindberg is Deputy Director at the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs in Sweden and works with Disability Policy Coordination in the Government Office. In 1998 he led the work with elaborating the Swedish National Action Plan for Disability Policy. The Plan was endorsed by the Government and the Parliament in 2000 and includes several goals and tasks regarding Accessibility and Design for All. In 2000 he was appointed head of the Swedish Accessibility Centre, which task was to serve as national advisory body for accessibility issues and Design for All. The role of the centre was to coordinate, support, advise and advance efforts to make society accessible.

The centre has later been reorganized to a new authority. In 2003 he was recruited as Political Advisor for the Minister for Social Affairs. In 2005 he was promoted to his current position as Coordinator at the Ministry.
He holds a Bachelor of Arts, B.A. in Political Science from Lund University. He has published several articles in books about Accessibility, Design for All and Disability Policy.

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