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Takuo Kuroiwa

Chairman, Healthcare Organization Moegien : Japan

Medical / Assistive Care

The director of Urasa Moegien Clinic since 1992. He is currently the chairman of healthcare organization Moegien, representative of NPO Zaitaku Kea wo Sasaeru Shinryojo/Shimin Zenkoku Nettowaku (clinics supporting home care/citizen’s nationwide network), caretaker of Zenkoku Chiiki Iryo Kenkyukai (research group for nationwide regional medical care), representative of Iryo no Kokoro wo Kangaeru Kai (group that thinks about emotion in medical care), and chairman of social welfare corporation Toreikai.

Born in 1937 in Miasa Village, Nagano Prefecture.
Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo, in 1962.

His family moved to Manchuria in 1942 and returned to Japan in 1946. While he was a medical student at the University of Tokyo, he participated in the opposition movement against the Japan-US Security Treaty. He married fellow partisan Chitsuko Kitaoji, and they had seven children. After graduation, he joined the Department of Surgery of the University of Tokyo’s Institute of Medical Science and then the Department of Internal Medicine of the Ome City General Hospital before his assignment in Yamato-cho Clinic in Niigata Prefecture in 1970.
In 1976, he became the director of the Yamato Medical and Welfare Center and the Yamato General Hospital.

  • “Watashi tachi no Iryo (our medical care)” (Gendai Shuppan)
  • “Chiiki Iryo no Boken (adventures in regional medical care)” (Japan Institute for Community Affairs)
  • “Isha no Chichi kara Nana-nin no Kodomo-tachi e Ima Iitai Koto (things that a father who is a doctor wants to say to his seven children)” (Kyoiku Shiryo Shuppankai)
  • “Konna Toshi no Torikata wo Shitai (how I want to age)” (Ie no Hikari Association)
  • “Hito wa Ikutsu made Ikirareruka (until what age can people live?)” (Poplar Publishing)
  • “Wakai aru Oi to Shi (aging and death with peace)” (Kyoiku Shiryo Shuppankai)
  • “Oi no Fukken (restoration of aging)” (Miwa Shoten)

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