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Dag Klingstedt

President, Ergonomidesign Japan KK : Japan

Ergonomics / Industrial Design

Dag Klingstedt is president of Ergonomidesign Japan KK, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ergonomidesign, Scandinavia's largest industrial design consultancy.

After finishing studies at the Faculty for East-Asian Languages at the University of Stockholm, he started his career in Japan in 1984 as a correspondent for Swedish magazines, radio and TV, specialising in technology and design. Prior to starting up Ergonomidesign's business in Japan in 2001, he worked as second secretary at the Embassy of Sweden in Tokyo, and also held numerous consultancy and advisory roles with corporations as well as government organisations regarding the development of economic and cultural ties between Sweden and Japan, among them ETAC, Sweden's largest manufacturer of tools for the disabled, and the Swedish Trade Council. He is regularly lecturing at universities and corporations around Japan about the design methods of his company, which uses 37 years of ergonomic research as the basis for its development practices.

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