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Hiroko Kakuta

Director, Kansai Consumer’s Support Organization: Japan

Civic Activities

Since the opening of a complaint office in Kansai area in 1962, Kakuta has been addressing various everyday life issues including health, safety, healthcare, consumer education, environment, etc. from the perspective of surrounding living environment.
She has been conducting various earth-friendly activities starting from those closer to people’s everyday life such as survey on nitrogen dioxide “Measuring Clean Air”, "Consumer Class for Kids”, “Milk Carton, Plastic Trays and Empty Cans Collecting Campaign” where government, residents, business organizations and collection traders cooperate each other to fulfill their role (this system is called “Yao Method”). Protects the lives (security and safety) of children and citizens, enhances their life (consumer life) and develops learning (lifelong learning).
She has been involved in many discussions including Millennium Evaluation Advisory Conference (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), Transport Council (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport), Administrative Counsellor (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications), Investigative Commission on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals Issues (Ministry of the Environment), and is currently serving as Chairperson of Yao Women’s Federation, Chairperson of Yao Consumers Issues Study Group, Deputy Chairman of Yao Social Education Committee as well as Director of Kansai Consumer’s Support Organization.

Book published
“Shouhisha Kyouiku – Sono Genjou to Arikata (Consumer’s Education – its present situation and the way it’s supposed to be)”

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