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John Corcoran

Director, Wire Design : UK

Industrial Design

John grew up in the wire-manufacturing town of Warrington, North-West England. His formative years were spent as a design engineer and industrial chemist before pursuing a career in music and theatre. In 1994 he set up Corcoran Design, an integrated communication design company with a focus on graphics, information architecture and interaction.
In 1997 John joined forces with the Higgins brothers to form Wire, now widely recognised as one of the most innovative design companies in London. Their philosophy is built around creating a positive change in society by designing for people.
John is a business and design strategist with a rare ability to rationalise complex problems. He facilitates discussions with senior management, front- line staff and end users to develop a genuine understanding of context and personal experience. As a result, he is able to develop innovative approaches that cut across communication, service and product design.
For 6 years, John has worked closely with the Helen Hamlyn Research Centre for Inclusive Design (RCA) and the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) on delivering their inclusive design agenda. Wire’s book ‘Access - a creative study’ was published in Summer 2005 and their new book ‘Home’ will be published in August 2006.
He is a leader on the Creative Skills Advisory Panel for the British Design Council, and is also the Communication Director for Sustainability Works, a public / private sector partnership initiative on sustainable housing development.
John has judged national and international awards for the Royal Society of Art, D&AD and Royal College of Art with a specific focus on Inclusive Design and Patient Safety.
In May 2006, Wire were presented with the Inclusive Design Award from the Royal College of Art and Design Business Association for their new approach to inclusive communication design.

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