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International Universal Design Declaration in Japan 2002

December 4, 2002

We, the participants of the UD2002 Conference, gathered here in Yokohama, and discussed focusing on the topic with the main theme “For all, for everybody.”

As our society has developed and become more complicated, we have tended to presume a uniform whole rather than recognizing the diversity of individuals. We propose to redefine the relationships between the designers/producers and users, thus giving priority to the diversity of individuals and cultures.

Design should create the social environments that respect and support the dignity of humans, which we propose to call Universal Design.

To realize this, it is urgent to establish user-centered system to be applicable to all aspects of society including infrastructures and legal systems.

We do not assume Universal Design to be a panacea. However, we think it possible going step by step toward the goal. In doing this, it is vital for the users to be part of the process, and the society to earnestly respond to them.

We would like to seek true globalization that respects difference in cultures.

The philosophy of Universal Design should be a foundation to respect limited natural resources and sustainable society.

We go forward.

We would like to continue our efforts toward building a society that will respect the natural variations among individuals, and the changes that we experience as we grow older, and give the highest priority to inclusion, participation, and independence for all.

We the participants from all over the world to the UD2002 Conference share this ideal as a result of this conference and declare that we devote ourselves to progress forward to this goal.

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