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A Universal Design in general(Concept/Education/etc.)
B Architecture & Urban Design (Transportation/Town Planning/Parks/etc.)
C Housing & Home Equipment
D Communications & Information Devices
E Daily Commodities & Equipment...and more.

A Universal Design in general (Concept/Education/etc.)

Valerie Fletcher
Executive Director of the Adaptive Environments Center, USA

She is now representing the Adaptive Environments Center at Madison. AE has been promoting Universal Design Education Program since the early part of 1990's and acted as a leader to hold the first and second International Conference for Universal Design in 1998 and 2000. AE is now managing the New England ADA & Accessible IT Center.
Picture of Valerie Fletcher

Roger Coleman
Director of the Helen Hamlin Research Center at the Royal College of Art, UK.

He is one of keymen in England and European community for promoting activity of universal design. He has been contributed to the educational program for universal design in college and gotten and his approch is reputed to be heuristic. Honoured with the first Ron Mace Memorial 'Designing for the 21st Century' Award.
Picture of Roger Coleman

Edward Steinfeld
Professor of the State University of New York at Buffalo and Director of the IDEA Center(Center for Inclusive Design & Environmental Access)
He provided an extensive basic data for creating ANSI A117.1 Standard, known as the US Barrier-Free Standard, in 1980. His research gave the ground for this convention. One of the few specialists that know both the reserch and the practice.

Edwina Juillet
Director of the National Task Force on Fire and Life Safety for People with Disabilities.
Having worked as a risk-manager in a hospital for a long years, an experienced consultant for life safety for the aged and the disabled. She was the chairman of the committee for creating regulations for evacuation in health and welfare facilities included in Life Safty Codes by the National Fire Protection Association in US. Interviewed with the people with disabilities about the evacuation experience after the WTC terrorism of bomb.
Picture of Edwina Juillet

Natascha Drabbe
Director of the Cultural Connections, Inc.
Independent exibition curator in Netherland. Launched the project for ecological circulating exibition several years ago. Recently, She has been planning some projects on UD exibitions in corporation with Roger Coleman and other UD specialists. Came in Japan as one of the invited panelists in 2001 at the UD symposium held at Living Design Center OZONE funded by TOKYO Gas Co., Ltd.
Picture of Natascha Drabbe

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B Architecture & Urban Design (Transportation/Town Planning/Parks/etc.)

Ling Suen
Executive Director of the International Center for Accessible Transportation.
Executive Director of the ICAT, a non-profit organization acting on accessible transportation system in Canada and US. She contributed in founding ICAT in Montreal as one of the major staff and has been acting aggressively in this area for over 20 years.
Picture of Ling Suen

Jon Sanford
Researcher of the Rehab R&D Center.
He has been collecting the architectual ergonomic data and devoted to fill the gap between the reserch and the practice. He is also one of the staff working under the networking group of the CUD, well-informed the discrepancy between regulations under ADA and the reality, and a lot of suit cases.
Picture of Jon Sanford

Michael A. Winter
Director of the Office of Civil Rights, Federal Transmit Administration, Department of Transportation in US.
Former Director of the Center for Independent Living at Barkeley. He has been contributed to reach the accessible transition policy making in US.

Ellen Vanderslice
President of the America WALKS.
She created the pedestrian's master plan in Portland, Oregon as a project manager adopting the method of corporation with community based advocay groups. Portland is reputed for having one of the best living quality of environment in US.

Richard Skaff
Official staff of the Mayer's Office on Disability City & County of San Francisco in US.
He has been leading projects for making public places and transportation in San Francisco accessible for over the last decade. For their achievemnt, San Fransico earns an reputation as one of the best accessible city in US now.
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C Housing & Home Equipment

Eleanor Smith
President of the Concrete Change.
President of the Concrete Change, a civil body for disabled people at Atlanta. She has been advocating the "home visitability", a concept that all of the houses and buildings including private homes should be "visitable" as a guset for disabled people by making a minor modification under the situation that claiming the full accessiblity in all houses and buildings is unrealistic for many reasons.

Gianfranco Zaccai
President of the Design Continuum Inc., US.
His unit of bathroom, washball and toilet designed for Herman Miller, Inc. in 1994 gave a great impact to desiners across the world. There is no UD bathroom overwhelming his design even now.
Picture of Gianfranco Zaccai

Jon Pynoos
Director of Andrus Gerontology Research Center, University of Southern California.
Research specialist for house fit for ageing society. This organization is acting as one of the network centers for home reforms and modifications in US.

Jon Christophersen
Researcher of the Norwegian Building Research Institute.
He has been practicing home UD in the building research institute in Norway. Norway is one of the few countries serving UD through govermental housing and home fund subsidiary, and he is the central menber of their service. Edited a book about the UD education across the world in response of request from the Norwegian natinal housing bank (which corresponds to the Housing Loan Coorporation in Japan).
Picture of Jon Chrisophersen

Leslie Young
Director of the Center for Universal Design, North Calolina State University, department of design assistance in US.
She belongs to the Center for Universal Design as a staff. Specialized in design for house or the safty regurations under ADA, etc.

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D Communications & Information Devices

Aaron Marcus
President of Aaron Marcus and Associates Inc.
One of the pioneers for universal design of user interface on information device. He has been proficient for ergonomic approch and distinguished in various area, also having several contracts as a design consultant with some manufacturers of cellular phone and PHS worldwide.
Picture of Aaron Marcus

Jim Sandhu
President of the Inclusive Design Research Associates Limited in UK.
Sandhu has been going over how the design can cover different group of people with different abilities through his long carrier as an ergonomic resercher. She is One of the founders of European Institute for Design & Disability, and Honoured with the Ron Mace Memorial 'Designing for the 21st Century' Award. He has been leading the argument on informational accessibility in EU community.

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E Daily Commodities & Equipment

Maria Benktzon
President of Ergonomi Design Gruppen in Sweden.
A designer from Sweden. She has been an early practicioner of the user-friendly design based on ergonomics from the 1970's and blazed the way as a pioneer of this area. Honoured with the first Ron Mace Memorial 'Designing for the 21st Century' Award.
Picture of Maria Benktzon

Davin Stowell
CEO of Smart Design, Inc.
CEO of Smart Design, Inc., an office of designers setting out a lot of designs for OXO goods. Tools produced by OXO Corporation are good example of UD reflecting well its consept which anybody can understand at a glance. Stowell is acquainted with the real steps from idea, cut-and-try to merchandizing.

Ricardo Gomes
Director of the Design Center for Global Need and Associate Professor of San Fransico State Univercity.
Specialized in indusrial design. He made a checklist based on the concept of UD using it in his class.

Bruce Hannah
President of Hannah Design Inc.
An industrial designer in New York. Reputed for excellent design of the office chair.

Molly Story
Director of the Center for Universal Design, College of Design at North Carolina State University.
She belongs to the Center for Universal Design doing reserch, study and diffusion of UD. We can't see her in the Center because she works in a teleworking style.
She serves as the President of the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on UD funded by The National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research.(There are two institutes named "RERC on UD" in US, the other is directed by above mentioned Dr. Edward Steinfeld, State Univercity of NY at Baffalo.)
Picture of Molly Story
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